Stunning Photo Of East Coast From International Space Station

February 28th, 2012 at 10:51 am by under Uncategorized, Weather

NASA has released an absolutely stunning photo of the East Coast at night. It was shot from the ISS on February 6th of this year.

The blog software tends to “scrunch” the picture here a bit. If you want the original link to the NASA site (& original resolution!), click on the picture itself. Here it is:

Just to help you orient yourself to where you are looking in the photo, I’ve added arrows and labels pointing to the major cities included:

And finally, if you want to get a full resolution image-one that you can zoom in on-it can be found on the NASA site.

3 Responses to “Stunning Photo Of East Coast From International Space Station”

  1. jason d says:

    simply amazing this is why i love NASA

  2. R. Harris says:

    I feel like from this picture I could walk to New York in no time at all, makes the world feel small until you start looking up range towards the west and then it’s maybe not so small but beautiful for sure.

    Thanks for sharing Mr. Slater!

  3. John Nix says:

    I wish that some of the more western and northern city lights were labeled beside just the coastal cities. Can we see Chicago or Toronto?

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