Interesting Glimpse…

February 16th, 2012 at 8:02 pm by under Weather

The Heartland Institute has long been a leading “denier” of Global Climate Change (& tobacco effects, too). But they have been ultra-secretive about the sources of their funding and their ultimate agenda.

Leaked documents have recently provided a glimpse into the “belly of the beast”. It’s available at the link I’ve provided…and at numerous others:

Update: One of the documents appears to have been forged. All of the documents were likely obtained illegally!

2 Responses to “Interesting Glimpse…”

  1. ERIC says:

    I think this is simply a case of real scientists wanting to fight back against the global warming pushers and their junk science. Thank goodness for senator Inhofe.

  2. Rm says:

    Is the heartland inst those guys who pushed the 1970s global cooling scare too? Ooops, my bad, that was “scientists and weather experts” back then too. And I too have a google search link to back up my “source”:

    I bookmark and come to this blog for relevant local weather discussions. Up until now I have not been disappointed. Looking forward to your return to local weather, or I’ll be using that google “research tool” to find a replacement weather blog!

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