November, 2011

Marathon Hangover…”On The Run!”

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On the Run Again!

Blowing in the Wind

Nearly 7000 finishers raced along the Oceanfront for the Wicked 10K this past Saturday. Among the thousands of costumes, speed was not disguised. Friend of The Blog, Ryan Carroll continued his Southside stronghold, posting another impressive time, 33:39. Not far behind, Masters standout, Pete Gibson, who we’ve featured her, was second in a blazing 36:21. Renee High was putting in another speedy effort, finishing Top Ten overall with a 37:40. Always happy to see her back to doing what she does well!

Epic Runs at the Monuments

The Marine Corps Marathon in Washington featured a little snow the day before, then decided to chill the runners on race day with temps at the start in the 30s. Some great efforts came shining through. Congrats to Michael Wardian, who we’ve featured and seen here locally, finished second overall in 2:23:46. Drew Carey, comedian and TV host of “The Price is Right”, completed the run in 4:37:10. The race featured a 90 year old and a 14 year old celebrating their birthday that day. Locally, Justin Turner was the fastest from Hampton Roads, 29th overall with a super 2:39:41. Two Familiar Steves- Steve Speirs and Steve Patterson both broke the coveted “Sub Three” mark, with 2:53:53 and 2:57:20, along with Hampton’s Adam Pegues racing an amazing 2:48:49. Congrats to all of you that took the 26.2 mile trip!

On Your Mark…

For those of you taking on the New York City Marathon, my very best wishes to you! For the rest of us, maybe a little local action will get your blood pumping. The Race for Breath 5k takes off from the Oceanfront, while the Taste of Town Center 5K beckons with the very popular “after party”, including several of the restaurants in the area. If you wanna go further, the Yorktown Battlefield Ten Miler is always a jam packed race. Sunday, the Peninsula Town Center hosts the Anything is Possible 5K, while walking is on tap as well at the Oceanfront with the Walk In Their Shoes event. To find out more, visit,, or

And Now, Something Different!

The Soggy Bottom Boys have pieced together an event on Saturday where you’ll use a compass, follow directions, and maybe even some adventure along the way as you hit checkpoints around Virginia Beach. They’ve called it the Urban-O-Meet, complete with two courses.

Reflection Time

I had a great time meeting SO many Runners at the Marine Corps Marathon. Reconnecting with some and creating new friendships is always a refreshing experience. It’s a great “destination run” I will do again. Here in the “757″, the local races still get it right, with their “after party” attractions. We are fortunate for what we have here.

Gotta go, so I’ll make it quick! If you have a story idea, or just want to share some news, hit me up at Be on the lookout for our weekly Running Blog here on Thanks for all your input and efforts. We can’t do it without you! Maybe, I’ll see you soon…”On The Run!”

See You On The Run!

On The Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

A Weak Low

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It was another cold morning across the region today.  Lows were in the upper 30s to low 40s.  Even near the water’s edge it was colder today.  Strong high pressure is still around, so we’ll have mostly sunny skies through the day. Highs will be in the mid 60s with a light southwest wind. 

Today's Weather

There is an area of low pressure to the west.  This brought heavy snow to Denver yesterday.  As the low moved east it encountered warmer temperatures.  So there was only rain (pretty much) from Texas to Illinois this morning.  The low will slide southeast tomorrow, but will weaken. 

Tomorrow's Forecast

 The low won’t have a deep southerly flow ahead of it.  So there won’t be a lot of warm/moist air for fuel.  So the rain chances will be higher over North Carolina and will taper off from south to north.  There may not be any showers from the Peninsula Northward.  That is up to the track of the low.  If this were a snow situation I’d be trying to pinpoint the exact cutoff, but since it is rain I’ll just give a broader forecast.  Rain could reach up to a half inch with less amounts northward. 

Behind this low, once again, we will see a big cool down and a windy day.  Saturday will have highs in the mid-upper 50s and winds could gust up to 30mph out of the north/northeast.  The winds will let-up on Sunday though, and we’ll warm back to the mid 60s for highs.  Then we’ll finally get a warm-up next week with highs in the upper 60s to mid 70s for 3-4 days.  

Tip Of The Day:  With the big range in daily temperatures it is a good idea to dress in layers.  A big bulky jacket will be too warm in the afternoon.  So light layers are best. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Thankfully Offshore

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Last night I was out trick-or-treating with the family.  Conditions were fine. (50s and cloudy with light winds).  We packed it up by about 7:50pm, then by about 8:00pm the rain moved in.  Most locations missed the showers early on, but the rain steadily moved in from the west.  Last night we picked up about a half inch up to an inch through the region.

Estimated Rain Totals

We had some lingering showers this morning, but not many.  They should push out by later this morning.  An area of low pressure is developing offshore.  This system will continue to strengthen, but will also be heading east/northeast. That is very good news for the northeast states that are recovering from last weekend’s storm.

Today's Forecast

High pressure will build in from the west.  This will help to clear skies through the day.  It will also give us some strong northerly winds with gusts up to 25mph.  The high will build in stronger tonight.  This will completely clear us out.  It will also let the winds lighten up.  So lows in the metro tonight will drop to the low/mid 40s.  Some inland locations with the lighter winds will drop to the upper 30s.  After the chilly start it will be nice tomorrow with ample sunshine and highs in the mid 60s. 

In the longer term…the models are disagreeing on Friday’s rain potential.  One model has a good chance for rain.  The other has just a few sprinkles.  Hopefully, they come into agreement later today, but at this time there is at least a few showers in the forecast.

Tip Of The Day: Don’t eat too much of that candy from trick-or-treating all at one time.  Try to spread it out to save your teeth and your tummy.  Yep, I said tummy.  : )

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler