November, 2011

Will We Break The Record?

November 15th, 2011 at 7:31 am by under Weather

It’s another warm day that’s for sure.  Break out the shorts if you haven’t already.  We started this morning in the mid 60s.  Our average high temperature is in the low 60s, so you know it will be a warm one.  Highs will be in the upper 70s to low 80s this afternoon.  The record high temperature at Norfolk International is 84 degrees set back in 1993.  If we get a little more sunshine than forecast, then we could make a run to tie the record.  We do have breezy southwest winds that will help to boost temps.  There actually is a cold front near the region. 

Today's Forecast

This cool/cold front will stall out over northern Virginia and will actually move back north as a warm front today or just wash out.  The second cold front that is in the Midwest will be the weather changer for us late Wednesday into Thursday.  When the front moves through Wednesday afternoon we could see a few strong thunderstorms.  Rainfall estimates are coming in at about an inch between Wednesday and Thursday.  Rain should end by midday Thursday.  Then we start drying out and we’ll stay chilly.  Highs on Thursday will be in the mid 50s.  We’ll get back into the 60s for highs over the weekend.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Order Up… One Warm Weather Plate!

November 14th, 2011 at 7:35 am by under Weather

It was another nice weekend with highs in the 60s and 70s.  Yesterday was really just perfect for this time of year.  This morning we started with temperatures 10-15 degrees warmer than yesterday morning.  Lows were in the upper 50s to near 60.  With partly cloudy skies and a southwest breeze, we’ll develop highs in the mid 70s.  The average high is 62 by the way.

Weather Map Today

High pressure will remain in place for the next 24 hours.  This will maintain the southwest winds and dry conditions.  The above cold front will try to move in by Tuesday night into Wednesday, but it will stall out and head back north as a warm front for a bit.  So we won’t get the real cool down until Thursday.  Highs will still be in the 70s on Wednesday, but will drop the upper 50s by Thursday. 

We do expect a few showers Tuesday night with a better chance for showers on Wednesday.  We can expect a few storms on Wednesday as well.  A few showers are possible Thursday morning, but the rain should end by Thursday afternoon. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Chilly Friday…Warmer Weekend

November 11th, 2011 at 7:24 am by under Weather

It’s much cooler this morning across the region.  Lows were in the 30s and 40s.  Finally, the fog is gone.  A big area of high pressure will produce lots of sunshine today, but strong northwest winds will keep it chilly.  Highs will be in the low/mid 50s.  Tonight we will have clear skies with lows in the 30s area-wide.  We could see some frost even near the shore tonight.  Tomorrow lots of sunshine and dry conditions will allow us to warm up to the low/mid 60s.  Upper 60s for Sunday and then 70s for early next week.  Our next chance for rain comes late Tuesday into Wednesday. 

Sean has passed up Bermuda with little effects.  It is a tropical storm now, but will become extratropical possibly by even later today.  Short and sweet blog today. 

Have a good weekend.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

More Of The Same

November 10th, 2011 at 7:35 am by under Weather

There hasn’t been much change in the forecast since yesterday.  We did develop some patchy dense fog this morning, but it was less widespread compared to yesterday.  A cold front is moving through the region.  This will create a few spotty showers today.  High temps will be in the low/mid 60s.  Winds will be northerly at 8-12mph.  Tonight the winds will pick up out of the north/northwest.  This should help to eliminate any fog.  Thank goodness.  By tomorrow we could see some wind gusts up to 30mph.  Highs tomorrow will be in the mid 50s despite some sunshine.  Lows tomorrow night will be in the 30s area-wide.  At least the fog will be gone by tonight. 

Tropical storm Sean is over 500 miles to our south/southeast.  It is moving northeast as was predicted yesterday.  It will not affect us, but it is sending some ocean swells and a few clouds towards the east coast.  Sean may strengthen into a hurricane in the next 24 hours.  It has been trying to develop an eye.  It had winds of 65mph this morning, but those winds are forecast to increase later today.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Fog And Sean

November 9th, 2011 at 7:38 am by under Weather

The fog was the worst I’ve seen since the superfog that we had a few months ago.  In fact this time it was more widespread than that event.  Folks had a rough commute this morning as the visibility was down to a quarter mile at times.  It did make for a beautiful picture from our tower cam in Virginia Beach. 

Tower Cam This Morning

One good thing about the fog was that it stopped the temperatures from falling below the mid 40s in most areas.  So that will allow us to have a nice warm afternoon after the fog burns off.  We’ll have mostly sunny skies and highs in the upper 60s to near 70 later today.  It will be really nice. 

We are still in-between systems as tropical storm Sean is to our southeast (about 700 miles), and a cold front lies to the west. 

Weather Map For Today

The thunderstorms around Sean did wrap around the center.  So it did become a tropical system.  It had winds of 50mph this morning. The upper level winds ahead of the front will turn Sean to the north today.  Then it will make a strong push the the northeast away from us.  It will probably miss Bermuda, but they could get a few strong gusts of wind.  We will only see a few clouds and some higher swells from Sean. 

Tomorrow as the front moves through we will only see some spotty showers.  There isn’t a lot of deep moisture nor lift along the front So the rain chance is only about 20-30% for Thursday afternoon/evening.  We’ll cool down to the low 60s for highs tomorrow.  Then on Friday highs will be in the mid 50s.  However, there is some warmer weather that will quickly move back in over the weekend.  Highs will be in the 60s both days.  Warm again early next week.

Tip Of The Day: Use low beam headlights when driving through fog.  It scatters the light less than high beams. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Voting in Virginia Beach

November 8th, 2011 at 9:32 am by under Politics, Uncategorized

I am happy to live in a country that allows us to have the opportunity to express our opinions freely and to vote. However,it remains depressing that in Virginia Beach and elsewhere, we cannot evaluate without denigrating or refrain from doing our best to ruin a candidate’s character without a shred of proof. I am sickened again to hear about the racial cartoons that were disseminated by one of the Virginia Beach Republican city council candidates’ campaign managers and the vitriolic comments of some in Virginia Beach expressing their belief there is no need to put a black man on the council. And why was it necessary for some Republican party members to berate members of their party for supporting a black candidate running for a nonpartisan office? Did they forget the definition of non partisan or just dismiss it? Finally, please explain to me the hypocritical comments of certain members of the Black community who professed they wanted diversity on city council then complained because it wasn’t “their candidate” who was appointed even though Prescott Sherrod was imminently qualified? All this negativity makes me want to take a shower to wash off the dirt that is weighing my spirit down! It gets us nowhere! Can we please go to the polls and vote for the candidate based on facts about their character and positions? I am voting for Prescott Sherrod because I know the good things he has done. Over the 15 years I have known him I have seen him overcome adversity in business with dignity and devote his time and energy to helping other businesses through his church and community organizations. In a time when all we see in the media about most politicians is negative behavior, I will cast my vote for Prescott Sherrod who ran a positive campaign and, has demonstrated over fifteen years devotion to his wife, his business and his community. I believe those are good reasons to give him a chance to continue to lead our city.

Subtropical Storm Sean

November 8th, 2011 at 8:15 am by under Weather

It happened.  The cluster of storms that I talked about yesterday officially became a sub-tropical storm this morning.  A subtropical storm is pretty similar to a tropical storm.  However, the thunderstorms are not clustered around the center.  Also, there can be some cool air in the core of a subtropical storm.  It had winds of 45mph, but it was not moving this morning.

Subtropical Storm Sean

Sean was located about 800 miles sse of Norfolk.  It will get a little closer in the next 36 hours, but then the upper level winds will carry it quickly to the northeast.  It could impact Bermuda with some winds, but Hampton Roads will only see a few ocean swells and perhaps a few clouds from the system. 

A big cold front has caused a few tornadoes in the Plains states in the last 24 hours.  Luckily Hampton
Roads is in between that system and Sean.  So we’ll see nice weather today.

Today's Forecast

The Midwest low will move to the northeast and into Canada. That will allow the cold front to lose some power.  So as the front moves east, the rain along it will decrease.  So we can only expect some spotty showers here on Thursday night.  Luckily the upper level winds ahead of the front will shoot Sean away from us. 

Thursday's Forecast

The edge of the cooler weather will arrive Thursday night, but the real cool-down will come on Friday.  Highs will be in the upper 60s before then.  The high on Friday will be in the mid-upper 50s. The weekend is looking dry and cool/mild with highs in the low/mid 60s. 

On a final note, we had some really thick fog in a few areas this morning.  My weather watcher on the lower Eastern Shore (Doris) said that she drove through some of the thickest fog that she had ever seen.  We will probably see some more fog tonight.  It isn’t that there is a large amount of moisture in the region.  It’s just that we have had crystal clear skies and light winds in the overnights.  This has allowed for the maximum cooling to occur.  That maximum being the dewpoint.  (The point at which condensation occurs). 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Foggy Start

November 7th, 2011 at 7:37 am by under Weather

We had a foggy start this morning for some of the area.  Visibility dropped to under a half mile at Norfolk International and Newport News airports.  This was the view from our tower cam at Armada Hoffler Tower at Town Center in Virginia Beach:

Tower Cam

After the fog burns off, then we’ll see a lot of sunshine as high pressure is in control of the whole region.  The next couple of days will be nice with high temperatures in the 60s mostly.  I think we’ll see a few 70s on Wednesday.  By Friday we’ll have our weekly cool down.  So highs will be in the upper 50s.  It’s turning into a weekly theme, but this time no rain is expected with the front.

There may be a subtropical storm trying to form in the next couple of days.  The possible area is a few hundred miles southeast of our region. 

Tropical Satellite

Even though it’s relatively close, I’m not too concerned about it.  The big cold front headed for us later this week would surely keep it out to see.  We’ll monitor it and bring you any pertinent updates. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Face to Face With The President

November 4th, 2011 at 8:34 pm by under News, Personalities, Politics, Uncategorized

Interviewing President Obama in Cabinet Room of the White House (White House Photo)

A trip to the White House is rare.  To have access to areas like the South Lawn and the Rose Garden; even more so, but to interview the man elected who makes decisions that affect the free world?  That’s once in a lifetime, even for a local television journalist.  This is not a political column, so I’m putting all partisanship aside.  WAVY-TV was chosen, along with eight other local television stations, to send an anchor to interview President Obama about his American Jobs Act.  It doesn’t take an astute political pundit to understand why the White House put this together.   All of us knew this was one more way to deliver the administration’s message after his $447 billion dollar plan stalled in Congress.  Nonetheless, an interview with the nation’s Chief Executive is enough to bring a butterfly, or two, to my usually cast-iron stomach.

With "First Dog" Bo

It began with the assembly on the South Lawn, a place you rarely see on the daily review of Washington politics on NBC Nightly News.  It is reserved mostly for state functions, but on this day it served as a backdrop for local live reports on our experiences.    One by one, we’d be escorted through the Rose Garden to the West Wing, which housed the Cabinet Room.   I was called first, and was brought to the door, which stood as the only barrier between my questions about Hampton Roads, and the President of the United States.  Small talk with a White House assistant chewed up some of the moments, while a crew set up two cameras and microphones.  I remained cool.  “Will the president be inside the room, or will he make an entrance?”    His assistant answered with a smile, “he’ll be the first person you see when you walk in.”  I nodded as if I’ve been here before, but  clearly I was in uncharted territory.

Preparing for live reports from the White House

The door swung open and President Obama was taking a drink of water as I walked in.   We extended our hands simultaneously, and I offered “Good morning, Mr. President.  I’m Tom Schaad from WAVY-TV in Hampton Roads.  Thank you for taking the time to talk with us.”  President Obama reciprocated by showing a cool gratitude toward me.  I stood behind the spot they had designated as we talked about my hometown of Pittsburgh, and I couldn’t resist plugging my Steelers, and their coach from Newport News, Mike Tomlin.  “He’s a good coach,” the president said coolly.

Reporting from the South lawn of the White House

Finally, a man behind President Obama held up five fingers.  Time to start.  Five minutes.  Three questions.  Watch the interview here, and notice my awkward exit!    Photojournalist Jeff Myers captured some “behind the scenes” shots  as well.

Tidal Flooding

November 4th, 2011 at 8:18 am by under Weather

We are back to some active weather across the area.  The system that is going to affect us will NOT hit us directly, but rather a glancing blow will cause a few problems.  We have a weak area of low pressure that was recently near the Raleigh/Durham area.  Even though it was weak, it still had enough moisture to produce showers in our region.  This was how Super Doppler 10 looked this morning at 6:30am:

Super Doppler 10 Radar (6:30am)

Rain will taper off this afternoon and focus more over North Carolina.  We could see a half an inch over southeast Virginia.  1-2 inches are possible over northeast North Carolina.  I don’t expect thunderstorms except for a few isolated ones over North Carolina.  So rain shouldn’t be too much of an issue with this system as the low moves East/southeast. 

Today's Forecast

The low itself will not cause the wind to pick up tonight.  Rather the high pressure that builds in from the west will create a tight pressure gradient (difference in pressure over a certain distance) as the low moves offshore.  The low will get a little stronger, but not too much.  And it won’t strengthen until it moves well offshore.  This will pick up the winds.  This transition will take place from late tonight into tomorrow:

Tomorrow's Weather

Wind advisories are posted for tonight and tomorrow for Virginia Beach, Currituck county, and the Outer Banks.  The wind will pick up tonight out of the northeast.  We’ll have some gusts to 35mph near the Virginia Shores.  Gusts will be up to 40 over the Outer Banks:

Wind Forecast

Notice that the winds are not expected to be that strong over the Eastern Shore.  Tomorrow the winds will still be gusting to 35mph near the Virginia Shore (except for the Eastern Shore), but gusts will rise up to 45mph over the Outer Banks.  This will set us up for some tidal flooding. 

Tonight we could see some minor tidal flooding (1-1.5ft above normal) over the southern Chesapeake Bay and over the Outer Banks.  Tomorrow will be the highest tides during the morning.  Tides will run 1-2ft above normal.  It could possibly run a little higher than 2 ft. over the Outer Banks.  So we could even see some moderate tidal flooding there.  Sewell’s Point is forecast to rise up to about 5 ft.  Duck, North Carolina is forecast to rise up to just under 6ft.  Here’s a link to tide forecasts in the region: Regional Tides

Overwash is possible over coastal North Carolina.  Some beach erosion is possible too.  This is especially bad news for areas still recovering from Irene.  Hopefully, the new bridge will be ok going to Hatteras.  We’ll be watching.

After that Sunday looks fine.  There will be less wind.  High pressure will build in right on top of us.  We’ll have a lot of sunshine.  Highs will be in the 60.  We’ll see quiet weather continue into early next week with some warmer temperatures. 

Tip of the day: Don’t forget to turn the clocks back one hour between Saturday night and Sunday morning.  It is also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler