Welcome to Hampton Roads! Here’s my primer on the area’s bridges.

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I was late for my job interview eight years ago at WAVY TV 10 because of a bridge lift. I called the newsroom to let them know I wouldn’t be there on time and my co-workers-to-be laughed and told me not to worry.

Of course, it is rare you see many smiles while people wait ten, sometimes twenty minutes for the road to reopen for travel after a bridge lift or opening.

I have been posting this primer on the bridges for the last few years. I add to it and share it. Please let me know if I missed anything.

We post bridge lift information at wavy.com. You can also access the daily bridge information on WAVY’s mobile app.

168 Bypass–also known as the Chesapeake Expressway, connects Chesapeake with Currituck County, North Carolina.

*Berkley Bridge–the bridge leading up to the Downtown Tunnel in Norfolk.

Broad Creek Bridge–on I-264 between the I-64/I-264 interchange and Downtown Norfolk.

Campostella Bridge–Bridge over Campostella Road, just east of Downtown Norfolk.

*Centerville Turnpike Bridge is in Southern Chesapeake on Centerville Turnpike.

*Coleman Bridge–Route 17, separates Yorktown from Gloucester.

*Gilmerton Bridge–Military Highway, Route 13, Chesapeake.

Godwin Bridge in Suffolk–Near Bennetts Creek.

Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel–I-64, connects Hampton with Norfolk.

Hampton Creek Bridge–on the Peninsula, the bridge on I-64 leading up to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel on the Hampton side.

*High Rise Bridge–I-64 between Chesapeake and Suffolk.

*James River Bridge–Route 17, connects Isle of Wight County with Newport News.

Jordan Bridge–used to connect Portsmouth and Chesapeake, but it is now closed.

Lesner Bridge–Shore Drive in Virginia Beach.

Mason Creek Bridge–on the Norfolk side, leading toward the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.

Monitor Merrimac Bridge Tunnel–I-664–connects Suffolk with Newport News.

*Steel Bridge–Route 17, also known as Dominion Boulevard, Chesapeake.

Twin Bridges–I-64 a bit south of 64/264 interchange.

West Norfolk Bridge–164, leads to the Midtown Tunnel on the Portsmouth side.

Willoughby Bridge–the bridge, west of the Mason Creek Bridge on the Norfolk side of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel.

If you see a *, these bridges have lifts or openings.

Any questions, comments, or additions? Let me know and have a great day!

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3 Responses to “Welcome to Hampton Roads! Here’s my primer on the area’s bridges.”

  1. Tom says:

    Good list. But you missed the Great Bridge Bridge on Battlefield.

    1. Cheryl Tan says:

      Hi Tom,

      You’re right!!!
      It will go on the list next time.

      Thanks so much.

      Cheryl Tan

  2. Ute says:


    I am not sure if I have the right part of the travel blog to ask a question, but here goes… this morning it was reported that all lane closures will be suspended in the Commonwealth starting at Noon today for the Thanksgivng Holiday Weekend. Does this apply to the Gilmerton Bridge? Will it be open to motorists tonight? The entire bridge is normally closed to motorists Sun.through Thur. from 8pm to 5 am. for construction work.

    Thank you!


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