Hampton Roads Through the Lens: Olde Towne Haunting

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This is a tale of what is a seemingly quiet neighborhood,  steeped in history with tree-lined streets and charming homesteads that hearken back to America’s beginning.  Col. William Crawford founded Olde Towne Portsmouth in the early part of the 18th century–a neighborhood that grew from waterfront commerce.  By day, this rustic grid of early America shows and innocent face.  But as the sun sets, something seems to take hold.  The bells tolling from the many houses of worship seem to awaken spirits long dead, or trapped in some other dimension.  I took a little walk one night and met up with a gentleman named Danny Donovan, who leads mortals in search of adventure during his ghost-walk tours.   My camera captured the neighborhood’s dark side.   Have look at some of the photos I snapped, and please watch the Hampton Roads Show at 11 AM on Friday October 28thfor a more in-depth look at this haunted hamlet–Through the Lens.

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