September, 2011

Study up: The big day is six weeks away

September 21st, 2011 at 4:22 pm by under Politics

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

We’re back in school, and there’s a big test coming up. You don’t feel like studying, even though you know you should. After all, it’s a day on the calendar that seems like an eternity away.

Before you know it, you are cramming 2 or 3 days before the test, changing your diet from decent, balanced meals to a steady stream of chocolate, junk food and energy drinks.

At this point, you are limited. You only have so long to cram as much knowledge into your brain before the big day.

Unfortunately, if you are anything like me, you do your best but walk away feeling like you could have done better if you just prepared.

After reading a recent article (Where are key Va. races in 2011?), I was quickly overcome with that nervous feeling of not feeling ready for this year’s Virginia elections.

Here is the Cliff’s Notes version:

  • A net gain of just two seats in the state Senate this year would put state policymaking in the hands of Republicans for the first time since 2001.
  • Virginia Senate and House elections fall two years after gubernatorial elections, and voters typically already have their sights on the next presidential election.
  • In just 20 days, Democratic Minority Leader Ward L. Armstrong raised more than $83,000.
  • You can follow the money spent by each candidate by visiting The Virginia Public Access Project online.

Trust me. In school, all of my papers were written at the last minute and I shut the library down the night before the big test cramming.

But there’s always a time to turn over a new leaf and get the homework finished early. Read up on all of the candidates you are able to vote for and know where they stand on the issues. Find out who is contributing to their campaign and realize that the next few years can be changed by one vote.

In just six short weeks, we’ll go to the polls and select what we think are the right answers. Are you going to be prepared?

Runners Keep Moving “On The Run!”

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The Latest Running News, Notes, and Info around the “757″ from Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

On The Run Again!

Soggy Spashy Fun

Wet conditions this past weekend couldn’t dampen the competitive spirits of Hampton Roads Runners. The Sandman Triathlon at the Oceanfront was a huge success. Lauren Frisk was the Women’s Overall Winner in 1:03:27, while Eddie Hill captured the Men’s Title 58:14. On the Peninsula Saturday, the Fit to Worship 5K went off without a hitch as Ian McGee, 22, broke the tape in 19:09. Showing the “Love” for the Ladies, Victoria Ferreira was swift with a 22:48. Moving to the Queens Lake course for the Hare and the Tortoise 8K, Williamsburg’s Jennifer Quarles was the Women’s Champ in a blistering 31:28, while Daniel Shaye was the Overall Winner in 28:48. “F.O.B.s“, Friends of the Blog, Rick Platt and Greg Dawson posted a Top Ten Finish. Congratulations, Guys!

More Please!

The CNU Oyster Point 5K showed speed between the raindrops, as 22 year old, Matthew Winkler raced away with victory over the 3.1 mile course in 17:09. Meantime, the Ladies’ Winner was Brooke Rowe with in a blazing 19:42.

Over at Virginia Wesleyan, the Project Athena Races came back in town. Raising funds for Cancer Survivors and getting dirty on a Cross Country/Road Run Mix was a lot of fun as I “got wet” for the cause as well. The Top Female for the 10K event was Grace Rich in 47:20, while August Sander, 20 year old member of Hampton Roads Running, was the Overall Champ in 40:36. So many of our “F.O.B.s” were there and was good to get reacquainted.

Away We Go!

Off Road seems to be the specialty of the week as the Marymont Cross Country Series this Friday & Saturday in Richmond, Saturday, the Chesapeake HS Invitational Cross Country Meet, followed up by Sunday’s Cody’s Crew 5K up in Manassas. Downtown fun means the Run/ Walk for the Law 5K at Town Point Park Sunday. The Peninsula is hopping with the Williamsburg Landing 5K Saturday, along with the St. Andrew’s Episcopal School 5K in Newport News. Sunday offers up a “Marrow-Thon” 5K at William and Mary, part of the 21st annual Alan Buzkin Memorial Bone Marrow Drive. Let’s also mention the Mulberry Island Half Marathon and 5K near Ft. Eustis Saturday, and you have yourself a VERY busy weekend of Running in Hampton Roads.

As always, you can find out more about these races at,,, and

Feedback Time

As always, I can’t express how thankful we are you check out the Blog and share with your friends. I especially like your story ideas. Friend of the Blog, Sherry Celesia passed on info that Hampton Roads’ Pat Bowler took part in the Hallucination 100 Mile Ultra Race in Michigan two weeks ago. Bowler completed the “Woodstock Run” in 26:50:54, finishing 14th. That’s running for longer than a day! I heard conditions were wet for most of the run. I’ll try to see if I can get him to talk with us soon. Congratulations, Patrick!

With about six weeks until the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C, many of you are ramping up your mileage and wanted to remind those of you “going long” to be sure to refuel properly. Our “Friends of the Blog” recommend that for runs lasting longer than one hour, refuel every 25-30 minutes. Each person is different, so listen to your body signals so you can “go the distance”. Hope your training is going well!

You’ll always find my weekly blogpost here on If you have an idea for a story or interesting race in the future, please let me know. You can hit me up at or leave a response at the end of this post.

Great Runs are coming soon. Maybe I’ll see you …“On The Run!”

See You On The Run!

On The Run from Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

It’s Gonna Get Wet (er)

September 21st, 2011 at 8:16 am by under Weather

We had some heavy rain this morning and it led to problems with traffic in several parts of Hampton Roads.  There’s  actually no big weather systems around us right now.  No big area of low pressure.  It’s mostly the deeper moisture streaming in from the south/southeast that will create the chance for rain today.

Weather Map Today

The warm/humid airmass will keep flowing in for the next few days.  The cold front to the west never truly makes it in.  Basically a big upper level low will form and sit and spin over the Midwest for 2-4 days.   This will allow for southerly flow at all levels from today through at least Saturday.

Stuck Moist Weather Pattern

The upper level low will eventually drift over the Mid-Atlantic by the weekend.  It should lift out by Tuesday.  Yep…Tuesday.  So rain chance go all the way through Tuesday morning now.  The forecast has changed.  Rain amounts over the next few days could reach up to 5 inches.  With a little more in a few cities.  Our computer model (Futuretrak) estimates 1-3″ of rain between today and Friday morning:

Forecast Rain Totals

We are likely to see some localized flooding over the next few days.  Expect flooded streets at times.  Especially low lying areas and those streets in Hampton Roads that are prone to flooding with a few drops of rain.  You know who you are.  We do have a flood watch posted for Dare county North Carolina, but we may see more watches posted in the next 24-48 hours.  So stay tuned! 

As if we didn’t have enough to talk about.  Now there is tropical storm Ophelia.  It officially formed last night and had winds of 45mph this morning. It was moving west at 13mph. 

Tropical Storm Ophelia

The long range models generally keep Ophelia out to sea.  If it gets a little farther north then the big upper level low over the U.S. that I mentioned should steer it away.  If it stays a little farther south in the next 36 hours, then it could threaten the U.S.  For now I’m not too concerned.  It’s just too far away.  I just wish I didn’t have it as a distraction from the local weather right now. 

Tip Of The Day: Turn around. Don’t drown.  If you can’t see how deep the water is over a roadway, then turn around and find a different way.  Be sure to take your cell phone, so that you can call for help.  Sometimes a flooded roadway can sneak up on you. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Increasing Rain Chances

September 20th, 2011 at 7:49 am by under Weather

We’ve had some cool temperatures for the last few days, but the temperatures and humidity will keep building into Thursday.  Today we have a dying cold front to our northwest.  There were some showers to the west of us, but a lot of them should die out as the front is dying out.

Today's Weather

Both cold fronts on the map above will not make it through our region.  Instead moisture will continue to build in from the south.  This will lead to an increasing chance for rain through Thursday/Friday.  Thursday could be a washout.  A huge upper level low will form over the U.S. by Thursday.  The weather pattern will be stuck in place.  So that the upper level system will sit in place and continue the moist/warm/southerly flow.  Based off of the latest GFS model run we may have to stretch out the rain chances into Sunday.  It could get very wet around here.  As always feast or famine.  Stay tuned!

Tip Of The Day: If you’ve been opening up your windows lately and you suffer from Fall allergies, then you may want to close up the house and run the A.C.  The humidity will increase enough today so that the A.C. would be able to make it a little more comfortable anyway.  The A.C. has a filter that can clean out some of the air, but it won’t totally get rid of pollen.  Even the thicker brands.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Still Cool Today

September 19th, 2011 at 7:45 am by under Weather

It was a wet and cool weekend and I loved every minute of it.  I used to just love warm/dry days, but I’ve learned to appreciate wet weather after living in this area for 7 years.  Also, it was such a long & hot Summer, and I loved the cool down that we had. A lot of folks on our facebook page agreed with me.  At least about the temps.  We hadn’t seen temperatures like those since last May.  Today we will still be cool.  Highs will be in the low/mid 70s.  We’ll see a little more sunshine as high pressure builds in.  Clouds will try and come back in later this afternoon though.  We’ll warm up over the next couple of days into the upper 70s to low 80s.  This will be out ahead of a very slow moving cold front.  We will see a few possible showers tomorrow afternoon with a little better chance for showers and storms on Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday look like the best chances for rain as the cold front moves through. 

It’s not totally quiet in the tropics right now  There are no active/organized systems, but there is a cluster of storms in the Central Atlantic that has a 60% chance of becoming a depression or a storm in the next 2 days.  We’ll keep you posted. 

Tip Of The Day: Just because Summer is almost over doesn’t mean that the mosquitoes are leaving town.  With all of the recent standing water it is important that you stock up on bug spray.  Especially when the kids go out to play. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Wet, Windy… Cool!

September 17th, 2011 at 6:28 pm by under Weather

As expected the rain has been falling since last night and it is expected to continue through at least tomorrow afternoon.  Rain chances will remain pretty high through the morning hours and by afternoon chances will drop to near 30%.  That 30% chance will be especially for eastern parts of Hampton Roads and Eastern NC.  So the rain will continue for some until tomorrow night but by night everyone will start to clear out. 

The reason for the wet weather is we have a trough across the area along with a strengthening low pressure area off shore and the result is northeasterly winds pushing the moisture back inland.  An area of high pressure is camped across the northeast, the high and the low being in such close proximity has also created the breezy conditions.

Weather Map This Evening

Tomorrow the low starts to pull away and high pressure will build in late Sunday night. 

Tomorrow's Weather Set-Up

As I mentioned there could still be a few lingering showers into the afternoon.  Futuretrak decreases the showers to the coast but still leaves coastal spots with showers through the evening.  I do think that showers will continue especially for coastal spots but timing will be one to watch because I think it will by afternoon instead of evening.   

Futuretrak Tomorrow Afternoon

Sunshine will return Monday and temperatures will be warmer too.  Highs in the mid 70s Monday and then low 80s until the end of the week. 

Meteorologist: Sagay Galindo

Well…It’s Cooler!

September 16th, 2011 at 7:52 am by under Weather

The big cool down has finally arrived.  This morning there were some cities north of the metro that had readings in the low-mid 50s.  We’ll have some clearing this morning for a little more than half of the area.  The clouds will hang on though as you go farther south.  Winds were gusting between 25-35mph near the shore this morning.  They will stay up for most of the day.  This will keep high temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70.  Yesterday we did hit 90 by the way.  These winds are created by the difference between high pressure to the north and lower pressure along the cold/stationary front to the south. 

Today's Weather

We could see some spotty showers over North Carolina through the afternoon.  This evening the moisture will regroup and come back in so there could be some spotty showers elsewhere for Friday night football.  Rain showers will definitely increase overnight.  The occasional showers will continue tomorrow as an area of low pressure forms along the stationary front. Between this and the moisture coming in off of the ocean (and an upper level low) there will be on and off rain showers tomorrow. 

Saturday's Weather

It will be wet, chilly, and breezy.  Lows will be in the 50s.  Highs in the 60s.  By Sunday we’ll see a little more sunshine.  There will still be some moisture and a scattered showers around, but the rain chances won’t be as high as Saturday.  We should clear up by Monday as the nearshore low moves farther away. 

Hurricane Maria was racing northward this morning at 45mph.  I was surprised to see that it was a hurricane with 80mph winds.  It is expected to move across Newfoundland as a weak hurricane later today. 

Hurricane Maria

This is not unheard of, and actually there is 1 tropical storm or hurricane that moves through there every couple of years.  I don’t know how a hurricane maintains itself when it is moving that fast.  It is something that needs to be studied further. 

Tip Of The Day: With all of the cool damp conditions, be sure to clean your home.  The moisture from Irene and the remnants of Lee have made for a bad Fall allergy season due to high amounts of mold.  Also ragweed is up.  If you clean, then you can at least reduce one of the Fall allergens. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Model Misses Rain

September 15th, 2011 at 7:27 pm by under Weather

The recent radar is much different than the computer models were showing this morning.  They did show some brief heavy rain, but they moved it through pretty quickly.  There has been heavy rain for about an hour and a half over a good portion of the area.  The radar estimates are coming in with 1-2″ so far.  I think the models missed the scope of the front this morning.  The RUC (rapid update cycle) model did have some heavy rain in its afternoon run, but it ended it by about 8pm.  At this rate I don’t think it will wind down by then.  I did notice that the winds were pretty gusty for a while, but now they have dropped off.  I think that has played a part in this evening’s weather.  Also, the cloud cover built in a little slower than I thought this afternoon.  So we did manage to make into the low 90s in some areas.  This let the instability build and so there were some strong storms.  At least the timing of the front was correct (5-7pm).  Temperatures are dropping, and they should still be in the upper 60s for highs tomorrow.  One bright spot is that there was a good amount of rain over the Great Dismal Swamp.  Have a good evening.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Hurricane Maria?? Temp Plunge.

September 15th, 2011 at 8:15 am by under Weather

Notice that I put 2 question marks after the words hurricane Maria.  The National Hurricane Center’s latest official forecast has Maria briefly becoming a hurricane in the next 12 hours.  This morning it was still a tropical storm with winds of 65mph, and it was about 200 miles wsw of Bermuda.  However, it was moving nne at 26mph. That’s moving pretty fast to be able to strengthen into a hurricane, but it’s possible.

Tropical Storm Maria

Maria will bring some strong winds to the island in the form of gusts, but overall they should be fine.  I’ve seen numerous storms and hurricanes pass over the island with often very little damage in their wake. 

Closer to home we will have some strong winds ourselves in the near future.  Today we’ll see partly cloudy skies with one more day of warm temperatures.  Highs will be in the upper 80s.  We will have more cloud cover today and a few storms later this afternoon north of the metro.  So we won’t see as many 90s as we did yesterday.  (Norfolk had 91, and the record was 93). 

Weather Map Today

The latest run of our computer model has the front moving through the metro area sometime between 4 and 7pm. 

Future Trak Compuer Model

When the front moves through it will really let the winds pick up.  We are not under a slight risk for severe weather at the time of this writing, but we could see some isolated severe wind gusts.  The winds will gust to at least 25 to 35mph out of the northwest.  We might not even see that much lightning.  Just gusty winds.  Scattered showers will continue overnight, but I don’t think there will be much rain overall.  Tomorrow we’ll see a lot of cloud cover.  The models have backed off most of the rain for Friday.  So only some spotty showers are expected. Basically, dry air at the lower levels will briefly push in with a more northerly wind.  Winds will turn more ENE Friday night into Sunday.  This will let the moisture regroup.  So the rain chances go back up Friday night through Sunday.  Still don’t think we are looking at a constant rain, but rather a drizzly/damp/cloudy scenario with occasional showers from time-to-time.  Any rain over the wildfire is a good rain at this point. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

2011 Friday Night Flights kicks off without the flights!

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Friday, September 9, 2011 was the kickoff for WAVY-TV’s  Friday Night Flights.

It was the first week of school so students, teachers and staff were still getting settled in. That made it a little difficult to try to find quirky stories to do when I visited the schools. Another difficulty, Chopper 10 had a technical failure that caused it to stay grounded after Bruce Rader’s 6pm liveshot from Darling Stadium in Hampton with the Phoebus High School marching band. No worries… it took longer to visit our schools, but we were determined to check out the action so photojournalist Chris Omahen and I  hopped in the car and headed to Bayside High School in Virginia Beach.

The Marlins were on my list last year when I did FNF and again, they had a red out. Students showed their school spirit by wearing the team color and I got a hug from their mascot, The Marlin!

Nicole with the Bayside Marlin mascot

They played Green Run.

Second stop, my alma mater, Kempsville. Although it’s been a while since I was a student there, the stadium hasn’t changed much. Felt like yesterday walking into the game.

Although, when I was a student at KHS, I was in a band uniform with the Kempsville Marching Chiefs! I saw one of my classmates at the game with his daughter. Everyone treated me like family. It’s always good to go back.

Kempsville took on Princess Anne. The cheerleaders helped me toss those blue WAVY/FNF footballs into the stands.

They also showed me and gave me a pin the staff was wearing to commemorate the upcoming 10 year anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

It says “Never Forget 9-11-2001″.

From there, we left Virginia Beach and headed to Chesapeake.

Oscar Smith hosted rival Great Bridge.

The band got everyone amped up. I actually ran into my Biology teacher from Kempsville, Mr. Baine,  at the Smith game.

His wife is a longtime teacher there.

It was a beautiful night and even though our “chariot” was grounded, we made it back just in the nick of time to pull our segments together for Friday Night Flights.

If you’re hanging out at high school football games this season, take some pictures and send them to us to  We’ll put them together in a slideshow. I was posting pix on Facebook and Twitter during the evening.

It’s always fun- especially when I get to go back to my school and run into old friends and meet new ones!  Keep watching. You’ll see other WAVY personalities head to games all season long and bring you stories from various schools. Check out our schedule here.