Hampton Roads Through the Lens: The Tide Rolls

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It has all the bells and whistles.   They clang from sunrise through the late evening hours.    This steel monster snakes its way through downtown streets lined with black poles and  an electric spine that stretches overhead.   The train sounds a clang that echo off new apartments on York Street.   The horn blows, and sounds as if its coming from a distant time when the Tide rolls through intersections on its way east to Newtown Road, or west to EVMS.   The Tide has glided through our newsroom and into your homes daily, in one form or another for the last 15 years,  but this collection of digital images is taking a different track.  From the practical arguments for and against this light rail system, this photo journey is designed to capture a changing city.  A modern train riding on rails under suspended wires long abandoned by other metropolitan areas more than a half century ago, only to see a renaissance among those who crave alternatives to merging traffic and clogged arteries of a transportation system we call Hampton Roads.   There is a beauty of these stark white trains creeping through the Mermaid City, against backdrops of historic buildings and industrial landscapes.  Hop on for a unique ride through the lens, as we ride the Tide!

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