Hotel Scam Alert

June 28th, 2011 at 1:46 pm by under 10 On Your Side, Scam Alert

Hotel guests down south are being scammed and the scam could be headed our way!

According to the Better Business Bureau of East Texas, hotel guests are being called, usually in the middle of the night, by scammers who obtain their credit card information over the phone. The scammers  tell the guest that they are a hotel employee who needs to verify their information, including their credit card number, because the hotel’s computer system has crashed. Guests have fallen for this scam because they say the callers are very convincing. The caller will even go so far as to offer a discount on the room for the inconvenience!

It  is not known where the call originates from. The scam artist could be a guest at the hotel or they could be calling from outside of the hotel.

With the upcoming three day weekend (for some!) and summer travel upon us, please be vigilante during any hotel stay. If someone who claims to be a hotel employee calls you in the middle of the night asking for credit card information, do not give it to them. Hang up, go back to sleep, and handle any billing discrepancies at the front desk the next morning! If they convince you that it’s urgent, hang up and call the hotel operator.

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