Are flip-flops a flub for office attire?

June 14th, 2011 at 11:57 am by under Personalities

So I just received an email solicitation for a story idea about flip flops in the office, are they appropriate?   It got me thinking about how casual work places in general have become.    Now that its summer you might expect to see  people wearing short-shorts, tank tops, and mini skirts out and about, but should they wear them at work?  How about children’s little league or other sporting events.  I have definitely seen some doosies out on the ball field.

What have you’ve seen in Hampton Roads,  and where,  that shocked you?  Where should society draw the line and what should be the consequences if any?  Let’s talk about it.




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  1. Dianne Guthrie says:

    I work in a casual office and we are not allowed to wear flip-flops. We can wear dress shorts as long as they come down to our knees. I also do not think that sleevless dresses or spagetti straps are appropriate in the work place.

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