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Okay, so that was an easy one!

Next week the Commonwealth will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the vanity license plate. Introduced in 1981, the plates were first called CommuniPlates. Back then, Virginians were offered from two to six letters and/or numbers to express themselves. Then in 1988, the number of characters increased from six to seven. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reports that today more than a million plates in Virginia are personalized. That’s 13 percent of the total plate registrations. 

If you’re like me and love taking a guess when you see a vanity plate, you already know that some plates are harder than others to decipher…and for me, some are just down right difficult! What are some personalized plates you’ve seen and what did you read them as? I’m curious to see if others read it the same as you!

For more information on personalized plates, visit the DMV’s website at

3 Responses to “CRZY 4U”

  1. Ashland says:

    IMASHBG- displayed on a VW BUG driven by an “Ashley” it was supposed to mean Im Ash-Bug, looked like I Mash Bug to me :)

  2. Janice Morgan says:

    This particular plate wasn’t hard to decipher, but it was one of the funniest plates I’ve ever seen.

    It was on a VA Children First plate, the Children First part being at the bottom of the plate. The vanity part said, “Eat the”

  3. Katie says:

    Mine says MY2HRT which stands for “my 2nd heart” because I had a heart transplant. Its on an organ donor plate :) makes me happy.. There are AL LOT of personalized plates here in VA compared to other states.

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