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I’ve said the word scattered a lot lately, and it made me think of the Rolling Stones song “Shattered” (1978).  Probably because they repeat the word in their song several times.  If you missed my repeated tune, then don’t worry.  I’ll be saying it a lot more over the next few days.  When we say scattered we mean that there is a 30-50% chance for rain in the forecast.  Some folks get it…others don’t.  When I call for 30% then I am pretty much calling for hit and miss.  When I call for 50% then that is a decent chance for rain.  60% or higher is a good chance (above scattered).  80% or higher is usually a done deal. 

This weekend we had some times of hit and miss and other times where there was a good area of rain (Saturday night). Yesterday we had some pretty heavy rain at my house, but the airport only caught 0.02″ of rain.  Greg, my weather watcher in Currituck, mentioned that he missed the rain and could use some for his crops.  Here was the radar estimates from Super Doppler 10. 

Estimated Rain Totals

Due to the miss at the airport, now we are officially down to 6.10″ below the average for rainfall.  There is another chance for rain today.  We’ll see a 30% chance for scattered showers and storms this afternoon.  The reason for the rain is due to an upper level low that sat over us all weekend, and will continue to sit for 5 more days:

Upper Level Low Continues

The upper level dip causes disturbed weather that can last as long as it is overhead.  Today there is a little punch of dry air in the upper levels.  You can see it clearly on the water vapor image:

Water Vapor

So we do have a dry pocket upstairs, but plenty of humidity at the surface.  Tomorrow, I think we’ll see a slug of moisture at both levels, and so I am calling for a 60% chance for rain.  Also that little spin over Alabama (above picture) will head this way.  This is a more concentrated area of spin/energy in the broader flow.  (A vorticity maximum, but vort max for short).  The models run this very close to our area on Tuesday.   That feature will push a little further north Wednesday through Friday, but it will still be close enough to cause a chance for scattered pm storms.  So if you need some rain, then get ready to do your best rain dance over the

Tip Of The Day: If you are heading out in a boat, then it’s very important to have a NOAA weather radio.  Weather can change quickly and that type of radio will broadcast important marine warnings that can give you a heads up, and keep you safe.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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  1. Carolina says:

    Do you ever check out CoCoraHS data? I’m in Perquimans Co., NC and collected 0.98″ of rain yesterday while my Mom over in Pasquotank Co., NC collected only 0.02″. We provide our data on a daily basis.

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      I’ve checked them out before, but have not recently. Thanks for the reminders. That’s great news that you got some rain. Hope we can spread the wealth some more over the next 4 days. Take care….Jeremy

  2. Wayne Edwards says:

    I live in Franklin, Va and have Charter Cable. We use to get all the time Wavy 10 weather an channel 22. Now the channel is blank. Really miss it. Do you all know what happened?

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      Not sure, but someone emailed us about that same problem and I sent the info to our chief engineer. Hopefully, they didn’t drop us.


      1. Eddie T Atkins says:

        We lost channel 22 here in Suffolk Also. It looks like Charter dropped the wavy weather channel for some reason or another. please help.

        1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

          Sorry Eddie, but we are no longer running the WAVY Weather Station. Our station decided to focus more of our effort on our on-air and online information. We do still do a weathercast on the web that is similar to the WAVY weather station, but it is a little shorter. Thanks for watching and take care.
          Jeremy W.

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