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How the heck are you? Mighty fine here. No complaints- BUT, if you have a minute, here’s a quick summary of my morning: I flew out the door at “oh-dark-thirty” this a-m; Frost on the car, 30 degrees on the ‘therm (I thought the calendar read SPRING?) “Check-Engine” light on-(Cha Ching! Just let me make it to work, please?) And, once here: HEADLINES: Another young man shot in a local drive-by; A woman hit by a fork-lift and killed;  and, more leaking radiation in Japan.


as the day progresses, I pray it will get better. I believe it will. Check out this beautiful evidence of … hope- in Japan.

Cherry blossoms in Japan

Sri Chimoy wrote:

“Hope abides; Therefore I abide.

Countless frustrations have not cowed me.

I am still alive, vibrant with life.

The black cloud will disappear,

The morning sun will appear once again

in all its supernal glory.”

Make it a great day. Don R.

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  1. Carolina says:

    Thank you for this. I had to share it with a dear friend in Alaska who’s son, wife & children are stationed in Misawa, Japan.

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