Who should win the Daytona 500

February 16th, 2011 at 5:58 pm by under Sports

So who is gonna win the Superbowl of  NASCAR racing? Which driver will be standing tall Sunday evening when the dust has settled down in Daytona? Will it be another surprise winner ala Jamie McMurray in 2010 or will it be a title contender?

The Daytona 500 is famous for throwing last lap curve balls. Ryan Newman taking the checkered flag in 2008 or Ward Burton winning back in 2002. Yes a win at Daytona can make a drivers career. Just ask Ward. If you can understand him, I’m sure he would say his 2002 victory was the biggest of his NASCAR career.

Before we get to who should win Sundays race, how about somebody who many will be rooting against. Of course that would be your champion Jimmie Johnson. With the sports popularity sagging and ratings dropping, this is a very important season for the sport. NASCAR needs something fresh. Something new. Same old song will not go over too well for the diehards who are hanging on to a sport passed it’s prime. So if JJ takes the checkers Sunday, you know NASCAR officials will be boiling in their Budweiser!

NASCAR needs a popular winner this year. Thats why I think Dale Earnhardt Jr. should get the win. In the past, Junior was allways a favorite to win on the super speedway. But latley, Junior hasnt sniffed victory lane. A win this year on the 10 year anniversary of his fathers death at the famed track is the shot in the arm NASCAR needs.

The week got off to a great start for Junior when he captured the pole position for the big race. However, a wreck in practice has sent Junior to the back of the field. Not a big deal at Daytona, but a lot can happen when your last in line.

Will Junior get the win and kick off the season with a bang?  Probably not. But it’s the story that most race fans and reporters are dreaming of.

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