Ice Causes 168 Bypass Shutdown

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I was in Chopper 10 and was over a truck fire in Chesapeake on the 168 bypass early this morning that had the bypass down to one lane. That had traffic backed up to the bridge over the intercoastal.

As if that was not bad enough, when the fire department sprayed water to put the truck fire out, the water ran into the roadway. The temperature was right at freezing. The water froze on the roadway and that was when the real problems started.

After the lanes of traffic were reopened, two pick-up trucks hit the patch of ice and lost control, spinning off into the ditch on the right side. Fortunately there were no injuries reported. As photojournalist Tom Marks and I were covering the spin outs yet another truck hit the ice and slid into the truck that already was on the side, causing the driver to run for his life..

The police and fire department staff on scene realized what was happening. They stopped all traffic and slowed traffic to one lane until the ice melted. Battlefield Blvd. remained backed up as the alternate and the bypass were backed up for miles, causing many commuters to be late this morning.  CLICK HERE to see the video.

I will be up in the morning to help guide you through any problems that the expected snow may bring. Please slow down and take your time. Otherwise you may make it on the morning show the hard way.

Chopper John

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