Passing the Polygraph

January 12th, 2011 at 2:45 pm by under Sports

Have a seat. Don’t mind the whoopie cushion. Or the tiny camera staring back at you. It’s all part of the polygraph experience.

Yes it’s a story that I’ve been wanting to do for years. Just once I wanted to be in the room with a fisherman who stands to take home a ton of money for three fish they he caught. How would he react? Was he nervous? Was he telling the truth?

Wave Runner captain Pat Foster was that lucky fisherman. He calmly came into the room at an oceanfront hotel. Sitting in the corner was the hot seat. David Goldberg greeted Foster as he came into the room. It’s Goldberg’s job to sniff out a rat! If your lying, Goldberg will know. He’s very sure and and confident about today’s polygraph test.

Goldberg sat Foster down. Don’t mind the “ass pad” which is there to detect any tightness. It’s just one of the many detectors that will soon be hooked up to Foster. Goldberg explained to Foster what he was going to ask of him and told him the rules in which he would conduct himself. Once Foster agreed to be tested, he was hooked up like a 30 pound rockfish. Hand sensor’s, blood pressure arm band, straps across his chest. Just relax Pat, it will be over in moments.

Foster was instructed to shut his eyes, so he would only focus in on the question about to be thrown across his bow. First the control questions like, “Is your name Pat?” Goldberg is saving the important questions for later and then they come. “Did you exceed the federal 3 mile line at anytime during the Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout on any of the days you fished?” “No”  Did you follow all local, state and federal regulations that pertain to stripped bass?” “Yes”

Goldberg asked Foster about a ten questions. Foster’s red line never wavered and he passed. His team would take home over $30,000 dollars for second place. Yes Foster was nervous. He was worried that for some reason, he would not pass and they would have to forfeit the money. Goldberg told me that an experienced polygraph administer would never fail someone for being nervous.

Goldberg has caught a few anglers lying before. It’s his job. Lets face it, anglers will stretch the truth when lots of money is on the line. Tournament director Mike Standing says the polygraph test is essential to protect the integrity of the tournament. Anglers all agree that it should be given.

As for a little fun for me, I challenged Goldberg  to a polygraph test. I tried to beat it. If you would like to know how that went, you will have to see the video story. Goldberg claims he won, but he’s wrong! For the record, I do not own a Snuggie!

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