Horrible Hokies

January 4th, 2011 at 11:35 pm by under Sports
Yes its a tough day to be a Hokie.

The Hokie Nation is searching for answers to what went wrong last night in the second half of the orange bowl.

Is Stanford that much better than Virginia Tech?

Is Virginia Tech football among the nations elite?

Why cant the Hokies beat a top 5 team?

If it seems like we’ve been here before, that’s because we were asking these same questions after the 2008 Orange Bowl loss to Kansas.

But last nights loss seems much different than one’s in the past.

At least the Kansas loss in 2008 was close. The Jayhawks won by 3 points.

Last Nights game wasn’t even close.

Was Frank Beamers all college coaching staff out coached by Jim Harbough’s NFL experienced staff?

Most definitely.

Was Virginia techs offensive line outplayed by Stanford’s defensive front?

Without question.

Was Bud Fosters defense unprepared to face Andrew Luck?

Take your pick on which touchdown pass looked easier to throw and there’s your answer.

The first rule for defensive backs is never get beat deep.

How can the Hokies expect to win a ball game when they cant even adhere to rule number 1 for defensive backs?

And what happened to techs talented trio of running backs. While it looks like Ryan Williams and Derron Evans will bolt for the NFL, they were a non factor in this game.

There are no easy answers to these questions and the team will be searching for them for quite some time.

This might sound like the easy way out, but here is my suggestion to Frank Beamer and his staff.

And that is to blame a wardrobe malfunction and never ever wear those awful orange helmets again.

2 Responses to “Horrible Hokies”

  1. JMU Dukes says:

    You left off one question:

    Q: Did James Madison really beat Virginis Tech in their own house?

    A: Yep. Send the Commonwealth Cup to Harrisonburg.

  2. Alec Difrawi says:

    I think Virgina Tech is a well experienced team that has the resources to be one of the best. VT has a very serious sports program and an attractive education program to attract talent

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