Reynolds is coming home

December 8th, 2010 at 9:02 pm by under Sports

Mark Reynolds is coming home. O.K. it may not be home, but Baltimore, Maryland is a whole lot closer to Virginia Beach than Phoenix, Arizona. Good for Reynolds and his family. Don’t get me wrong, it was good to see Reynolds get his start with the D-Backs, but its time for a change. The poor guy is getting dogged about striking out. Big deal! An outs an out. I would rather have my third baseman swing for the fence and strike out than hit into a ground ball double play.

Mark’s father Greg told me yesterday that he is very thankful to the D-Backs for giving his young son his first big break. But even Greg was thrilled to hear the Orioles wanted the power hitting third baseman. Sure Reynolds may not have had a great year, but give the kid a break, he was injured most of the season. He still managed to pound 32 balls out of the park and knock in 85 Runs.

Reynolds is a guy you want in the clubhouse. He doesn’t take a day off. Leads by example. Not afraid to call a player out if he thinks it will help the team. He shows no fear at third. Reynolds will dive head first into the stands to make an out. He is a throw back, tough, gritty player that will make a big difference for the Orioles. Great for Baltimore. Great for Hampton Roads and all those fans who like to see local talent shine in the Major Leagues.

O.K  Mark, you are coming home, now go out there and swing for the fence. Local baseball fans cant wait to see you pound balls out of Camden Yards, Fenway and Yankee Stadium.

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