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That’s how we celebrated  THANKSGIVING at the Roberts’ compound -  watching one of America’s finest soldiers burn off Mrs. Roberts’ world famous turkey – by doing 100 PUSH UPS! And PFC John Hanne did them all in less than 2 minutes! In-freakin’-credible. I can do 100 push ups -  TODAY!  Actually, truth be told, Hanne HAD to do the pushups because he lost a bet. He talked a little smack to his fellow soldiers ’bout dem COWBOYS- thought they were going to kick a little Louisiana tail. In Baltimore we call that – “Selling Wolf Tickets!”  Don’t ask.   Hanne was one of four Ft. Eustis soldiers to join my family and friends for dinner, Thursday. But THEY were the treat.  It all started around 930 as I joined a crowd of about 100 other families at the Hampton Coliseum. 

About 200 military members were matched with families like these from around Hampton Roads. The matching went off without a hitch, thanks to the great efforts and coordination of the USO. So, what did we do all day? Just chilled! My son is the age of the guys and Kevin had the latest video game hook-ups. They were in hog heaven ’til it was time for football.  CLICK! Hello Patriots/Lions, Cowboys/Saints!  But the fellas didn’t hide behind the goal posts all day. They kept popping in the kitchen to check on me and my wife (and the turkeys) – offering to help out with dinner preps. We talked everything – from football, military, what to do ’round the Peninsula, and simply – livin’ life in general – here and back in their hometowns. We found plenty of common ground. Two of the soldiers are parents. All are athletic. None liked the REDSKINS (for the record, we do!) One soldier thought a couple of South Carolina high school football teams were better than Phoebus and Hampton. I asked him what was he smokin’.  One soldier is about to be stationed in KOREA, (my brother and uncle were there) another headed to GERMANY. The others may eventually do time in Afghanistan -keeping our choppers flying or delivering supplies to the frontliners. Their enthusiasm for serving our country was wonderful to hear. 

We fortified them with a home cooked meal and a lot of confidence in knowing that we are thankful for their service and support them 100%.  So, again, John P., Chandler V., Kyle K., and John H., thank YOU for a great Thanksgiving.

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  1. Mary B. Brown says:

    Dear Don,

    Our families have known each otheer for many years-since about 1988 or 1989 when you joined St. Vincent. Your oldest, Kristin and our son, Tony were about about 11 or 12 at the time and soon they became very close friends, like brother and sister. Seeing you and Varna host our military men is no surprise because you have always opened your home and hearts to others. You and Varna are the epitome of unselfish Christian love and faith. It is a privilege to know you, and to witness the wonderful outpouring of fellowship you extend to others.

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