Is Nye Losing African American Support?

October 20th, 2010 at 8:44 pm by under Personalities, Politics, Uncategorized

When Glenn Nye won his election in 2008, many gave credit to the long coattails of Barack Obama. Nye won, but in a district that is usually conservative independent to moderate Republican. Nye politically knew he couldn’t win by being a mainstream Democrat. He had to fulfill the promise of being an independent which is what he ran on in 2008.

Nye has been successful in striking the middle ground: The Democrat got the conservative NRA endorsement, the conservative U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsement, the
“9th most independent Congressman” by the Washington Post. Most notable though, he voted against President Obama on Health Care. All that is well and good, but many in the democratic community think “What has this guy done for me?”

“Not much” is the answer from Virginia Beach NAACP President Gloria Allen. “For the folks in my community…they don’t want to put up signs in their yards…they don’t want to work for him…we are very disappointed he voted against the President and health care.”

I asked Nye about this, “I said from the start I was going to be independent…I have had to explain my vote on Health Care to a lot of people…some have understood why I voted the way I did, and some have not.”

I also asked Nye why he didn’t attend the AFL-CIO convention. The usually Democratic leaning Organization refused to endorse anyone in the race because Nye’s voting record with Labor is only 67%. Nye’s answer was, “I don’t care about conventions…I meet with smaller groups.” Wrong answer for many in the labor community. One labor source I have said to me, “O.K. so Glenn you’re going to be independent, does that mean you don’t talk with us.”

Nye is threading a very small needle. If he loses by a smidge he could look back on those lost opportunities to show up to events even if the group is displeased. If he wins in this district after Scott Rigell pumped in over a million dollars of hiw own money the Nye looks like a political genius with the perfect strategy. Also in the race is independent candidate Kenny Golden.

See you on the campaign trail……Andy Fox


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