Election Night: On Your Side

October 20th, 2010 at 8:56 pm by under Politics

Virginia is the cradle of our Republic.   The ideas of Madison and Jefferson, and the leadership of Washington have forged an American culture that grew out of the Old Dominion.   But our political culture has always been dynamic,  with change being the only certainty about how we choose our leaders.   With jobs becoming more scarce in an area accustomed to weathering the most violent of economic storms, and deficits squeezing  local city and school budgets,  election night carries an urgency all that will touch all of us;  so our political team is poised to deliver the goods.   Count on coverage and analysis of 28 local races, coupled with NBC’s breakdown of what could be a historic power shift in Washington DC.   That’s the power of 10 On Your Side.

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