More Than Words

October 11th, 2010 at 9:31 am by under 10 On Your Side, Military, Personalities

Saying “thank you” costs you nothing, but to those on the receiving end of those kind words, it’s priceless.  This past Sunday, I was fortunate enough to meet a family who is taking “thank you” a step further.  Rather than saying it, they’re showing the phrase.

This month, the Bryant family is focusing their thanks on the men and women who lost their lives or were hurt when terrorists blew a hole in the side of USS Cole while it was refueling in Yemen.  That attack happened 10 years ago, Tuesday.

The Bryant’s front yard is now a shrine to the Cole sailors.

On every handmade tombstone is the name of each sailor who died on USS Cole in that attack on October 12, 2000.

On their front porch, banners of thanks and remembrance proudly hang.

Remembrance Banner

Remembrance Banner

While they honor the 17 sailors who lost their lives and the dozens who were hurt on that tragic day, the Bryants also took the time to honor those in all branches of the military, past and present.

My job allows me to meet extraordinary people every day.  I was lucky to meet the Bryants…a family who wants to do more than just say thank you.

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  1. heidi brotherton says:

    i named my dog in honer of these brave men. god bless

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