Water, Water, Everywhere…..

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As I drove in this morning at 3:30 am leaving Virginia Beach with only light sprinkles I thought to myself that I might be able to get airborne to cover the morning commute. But as I crossed the Broad Creek Bridge on I-264 I ran into a solid wall of water and quickly realized that flying this morning was going to be a NO GO.

When I arrived at WAVY and was joined by Chopper 10 photographer Tom Marks, we got into a live truck and hit the roads. As most of you know Virginia Beach Blvd and Tidewater Drive is a trouble spot every time we get any hard rains. So that was going to be our first stop, but it turned into our only stop for the morning shows.

When we arrived, there were cars making their way through the shallow water at the intersection with little problem. But by the time the first live report came along the water had started its rise. Within the time span of only 30 minutes the entire intersection was flooded with water from a couple of inches to at least a foot or more. That however did not stop traffic from making the attempt. Some made it but most were not as lucky.

Here is some food for thought, if you can’t see the markings on the street don’t make the attempt to drive through it. Because if you do, as I showed you this morning, you could be in for some very expensive repairs.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones that learned this the hard way mark it down to lesson learned.

I will be up – weather permitting – this afternoon to show you the aftermath so look to WAVY-TV to be on your side with the best coverage of this very unusual storm.

Take Care,

Chopper John

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4 Responses to “Water, Water, Everywhere…..”

  1. Mrs. Flo says:

    Hi Chopper John!!

    Love the WAVY team…especially reading weather blogs. Nice to see a blog from you here. I like how you mentioned a “very unusual storm.” Seems different to me, too, just watching all the green flowing straight up on the radar, right over us. At any rate, have a good day and be safe!

  2. Meaghan says:

    OMG! Okay so there is like a river outside covering the roads. A guy just tried to ride his four-wheeler through it and it stalled. the water is up to my knees and my sister’s. Its sooo cool. All the roads are flooded and there is NO SCHOOL!! YAY! I’ll try to get some pictures up :) I LOVE YOU WAVY TV 10!

  3. Meaghan says:

    P.S Hey Mr.John I saw you at Peanut Fest! Are you Going this year too? If so what day?

  4. Divina McCray says:

    Hello Chopper John… it is always nice to read your blogs, hoping that you already had some rest, as you’ve mentioned that you get up at 330AM, and you were still doing the news on air around 12 pm, you must be really tired but anyway “KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK” we always watch and listen to you every morning and it is such a big help for us on way to work… WAVY should recognize you for your hard work. God bless you and your family. See you on TV.
    your everyday viewer,

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