Picture This: Sunrise-Sunset

September 27th, 2010 at 12:07 pm by under Personalities, Uncategorized

I’ve said it before, but this photography thing is a form of relaxation for me.  It is simply a means by which we notice the world around us.  In my case, the beauty of some everyday sights we take for granted.  As our world becomes more highly charged with the explosion of social media, many of us ignore the call to let our eyes be a lens to let in ways to slow down and re-charge.  Ironically, it is in response to some of my posts on the WAVY-TV Facebook page that made me want to share more of these scenes with you.  Your responses seem to have struck a chord, which maybe is sending message to all of us to notice the beauty of the dawn of a new day, and the packaging nature gives us when she wraps up a 24 hour window in the progression of time.   Enjoy the view, and I’ll see you on the news!

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7 Responses to “Picture This: Sunrise-Sunset”

  1. Senetra Reid says:

    I agree with your view on how we’ve become a social media society. It is important to take a little time to smell the roses, so to speak. I really enjoy your pictures. Keep sharing!

    1. Tom Schaad says:


      Will do. Just keep looking at them, and keep watching WAVY News. Thank you!

  2. Chip Allen says:

    Tom, I’m a transplant from Virginia Beach, where I lived for the best part of 50 years, to Wythe County in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. I took up photography as a hobby last year and it’s amazing how much I notice around me that I’ve simply overlooked before. It’s almost as if I’m framing a shot everywhere I look yet, as you say, it’s incredibly relaxing. You have some incredible shots here!

    1. Tom Schaad says:


      Thank you for the kind words. I, too am doing this as a hobby. I don’t even have a DSLR yet. I have a lot to learn before I upgrade. But the feedback from folks like you hsa been great!

  3. Teri Kerns says:

    The pictures are too cool. I love the colors and sunsets. Good job! Thanks for posting such great stuff. Wavy, your the best!

    1. Tom Schaad says:


      Please keep coming back, and I’ll see you at 5pm.

    2. Tom Schaad says:

      Thanks Teri. I’ll keep them coming, also check back on my facebook fan page–”Tom Schaad WAVY TV”

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