Picture This: Aerial Assault by Chopper 10

September 19th, 2010 at 8:43 pm by under Chopper 10, Personalities, Sports, Uncategorized

I’m talking about football.   You know the term, “Aerial Assault.”  A quarterback floods the air with passes bombing the defense into submission.  It’s also a somewhat shameless expression to draw your attention to my installment of Friday Night Flights.  Here then is something a little more poetic.  I was going for gridiron drama when I penned this little “Ode to Friday Night Flights.”  If only I had a voice like the late great John Facenda from NFL Films fame–the effect would be complete.       

Summer has taken flight.
Leaving behind afternoons that fade to dusk, and Fridays that turn to night.
But out of these fields emerge the future for all to see.
Their colors carry names of Smith,  Phoebus, and Hickory.
Strength gives way to struggle— grinding to a goal.
One may break away, another may fold.
Victory is a dream, leading towards the light.
Fame is fleeting, but honor endures even after Friday Night.

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