Healthy to Homeless

September 9th, 2010 at 12:47 pm by under Health, Personalities

Ok,  so maybe I’m exaggerating with that title but,  I can not believe how much it costs to sign kids up for recreational sports!  I just found out that for my two boys   it will costs upwards of $250 for fall league soccer.

Mind you they are not professionals, or even competitive players at this point,  they’re 6 & 8 for goodness sake!

This,  along with another article I read on the decline of veggie consumption, really got me thinking.  It really does cost a lot more to raise healthy children.  (Consumption of vegetables by the way,  is going down again.     Curiously it costs more to buy fresh veggies then it does a bag of chips.)

I guess I could  let the kids  sit around and eat potato chips and play video games all day.   I’d have a lot more cash.  Of course I could never do that, but just think about those people who’ve lost jobs or can’t afford their mortgages in this economy.  Do you think they can afford $250 for soccer and fresh veggies?

Now, I know someone out there will say,  you don’t have to pay to exercise.  The kids can just run around the yard like I did, and that is true.  However,  try telling your child that they can’t play with the rest of their friends and classmates. I’m pretty sure they’ll be sulking at home, not running.  I can’t blame them.

I know it costs money to buy equipment and maintain fields and so on … but really, somethings got to give or we’ll be paying a much higher price when the kids whose families can’t afford sports and healthy food end up with heart disease and diabetes.

What do you think?


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  1. Dave Kilgore says:

    I think it’s time to teach kids about life and responsibilities. Explain to them that mom and dad may not be able to afford $250 for soccer (or whatever) and tell them why. Explain there are much more important things that the money has to go toward, like food, utilities, and gas money. Or to provide clothes for them to go to school in. Paying that much for a voluntary event is insane. If someone has that amount to blow on something just to keep up with the friends and neighbors, great, do it. But parents should also be strong enough to say no and explain to the kids if they can’t afford it.

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