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June 30th, 2010 at 5:26 pm by under Weather

Locally and abroad there are some new updates on the weather.  Locally, we have finally put an end to the heat.  After several days of 90s and 100s we had highs today in the upper 70s to lower 80s.  Ahhh.  We had some storms yesterday along the front that gave some of us some rain.  More on that in a moment.  First look at this cool photo from Patti Humphries in Virginia Beach:

Swirling Clouds from Tuesday

The storms brought some good amounts of rain to the area…parts of the area that is.  Here is the 24 hour rain totals:

Estimated Rain Totals

While outsiders may think this is a nice graphic, it is actually a bit sad for some.  We’ve had several people on the Peninsula say that they needed rain badly.  It literally just missed them as you can see.  With all of the heat that we’ve had recently it has been baking the ground (not literally).  So a lot of the vegetation has been starting to dry up. 

Today we had the front move through North Carolina.  This created some lingering showers and storms.  There was even a waterspout reported just west of Hatteras this afternoon.  At the time of this writing there was no damage reported, but there may be a report coming in. 

UPDATE: This photo was just sent in from Timothy Mckinley around Hatteras Inlet:

Hatteras Waterspout

The waterspout did not come ashore according to local authorities.  Usually waterspouts dissipate as they do make it over land.  They only rarely do any significant damage. 

The cooler air will stick around for several days.  With the heat building back in early next week.  It probably won’t be as hot as this last week though. 

Here’s the latest on hurricane Alex.  It is currently a strong category 1 hurricane.  It has maximum sustained winds of 90mph and is moving generally westward.  It could strengthen into a category 2 hurricane before making landfall tonight.  It will then weaken as it moves inland.  Heavy rain and flooding will be the main threat to Mexico at that point.  You can track Alex on our website at wavy.com.

Hurricane Alex

Alex is having impacts on the cleanup in the Gulf.  Even though it is hundreds of miles away, the swells are still pushing the oil onto land.  Here is a great article on the subject:  Oil and Alex

Tip Of The Day- Water your yard during the morning.  If you water during the heat of the day a lot of the water will evaporate.  At night the water will sit on the lawn and could promote lawn disease. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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  1. Donna says:

    I am wondering if you guys could do some reporting on the drought conditions we are having on the peninsula. We here in Denbigh have not had any significant rainfall for most of June. Our grass has never been this brown and watering is getting old, plus not economical. I realize you can’t do anything about the rainfall itself, but we’d like to see some reporting on it. Surely somewhere there are some stats on how much we’ve had here in June. Everytime it rains, it’s north of us in Gloucester, or on the south side. We ARE in your viewing area, so please give us some air time too.

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      Donna..please don’t feel left out. When there are bad storms on the Peninsula we try to cover them pretty well. Drought is a lot tougher though. I don’t know of any rainfall records on the Peninsula. There may be some co-op stations that report to the National Weather Service, but we don’t have access to those. They do publicly display Norfolk International though. We do have a weather watcher in Toano (Don A.) who keeps track, but that poorly represents the southeast end of the Peninsula. Anyone know of any sites or stations that we can access? The Drought Monitor does cover that area, but it doesn’t give numbers.

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