Back from the Bell Training Academy

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Last week I attended the Bell Training Academy in Texas. This is for my recurrent training in Chopper 10, instrument and night vision.

What does this involve?

During this training, I practiced all the emergency procedures that I must have committed to memory.  Because in the event of an in flight problem is not the time to break out the operator’s manual. I like to say this is the fun part. I go up with a flight instructor and do all the engine out maneuvers to the ground. That means that I will roll off the throttle and land the aircraft without power. Yes, the blades keep turning even when the engine quits; this happens much like a pinwheel, the air passing back up through the rotor system in decent keeps the rotor speed at operating speed until touchdown.

All current Federal Aviation Regulations are covered as well as weight and balance and performance. At the end of that phase of the training is a check ride in the aircraft and a written exam. Both were passed without a problem. After thirty years of flying you might think I would have it down pat.

The next phase is an instrument refresher. This training is so that if necessary I am able to fly Chopper 10 without being able to see outside the cockpit.

Then, a Night Vision Goggles training refresher. Chopper 10 is the only TV News with this technology in the U.S.

That gives me the ability to conduct flights at night under the safest manner possible. The NVG are same type that the military uses and allows me to see at night under conditions that to fly unaided would not be possible.

Then two more check rides with instructors and a final course exam.

I completed all this in the time span of only one week with the best instructors and at the best training academy in the world, Bell Helicopters.

Now that I am back, look for Chopper 10 in the skies over Hampton Roads to help guide you through your morning commute and covering breaking news faster than anyone else.

See you in the sky..

Chopper John

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  1. Sheila Link says:

    John Massey is the Best Pilot Ever!!!!!
    Chopper 10 would be lost without this magnificent man,and to top that he’d miss her…
    They sincerely compliment each other. Oh yeah,Tom Marks is also part of that Fantabulous team and merits equal credit.

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