Chopper 10 has new floats

February 10th, 2010 at 5:35 pm by under Chopper 10, Personalities

Chopper 10 has a new set of pop out floats. What does that mean? That is the float system that will allow me to land on the water in case of emergency. Always a nice option.

Coming soon at the first of the month I will be headed to Texas. I will be at the Bell Helicopter factory for training during the first week of March. There I will be doing all that pilot stuff that the FAA requires that I do in order to remain current.

I do enjoy the training because I get the latest updated information on all aircraft operations, from paperwork to Night Vision Systems.

Chopper 10 is the only TV Helicopter in the country that has Night Vision Systems that give me the ability to operate day or night in the safest manner possible.

Stay tuned for updates…….

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One Response to “Chopper 10 has new floats”

  1. Matt says:

    Now I know where you have been!

    You are the only thing I watch for at 0510 when I am getting up, and I have been concerned since you have been absent.

    I’m glad YOU enjoy sim time. I always regarded it as Practice Dying.

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