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Here’s the latest from the Campaign Trail….

A political campaign is ebb and flow. One week you’re up, and the next you’re down. Moments can turn an election. This week Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bob McDonnell got good news in the polls. He is trending higher in recent polls. I often look at Real Clear Politics that does a good job summarizing the week in polls.
This week McDonnell’s average is 49.5% to Democratic Challenger St. Sen. Creigh Deeds 42.5%.
However, I’m reminded what my friend Doug Wilder told me one time when I was covering his historic election in 1989: I asked him about his declining poll numbers in the election, and he said, “Andy, the only poll that counts is the poll that’s taken once the polls close.” He then went on to become the first elected African American Governor.
These guys from Northern Virginia must get out of NOVA and get down here to Hampton Roads. State Delegate Steve Shannon (D) Vienna faces St. Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (R) Fairfax.
They both are on air with ads, but their schedule shows to much NOVA.
This just in: I just got an email from the Shannon Campaign. He will be with U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Newport News) Saturday.
Cuccinelli still showing this weekend, four weeks out from election day, in NOVA.
I interviewed both candidates over the phone this week. These phoner updates on the campaign allow the candidates to get another free hit on TV while continuing to campaign in other parts of the state.
I don’t think they work very well because the voters feel no connection to them through a “phoner.”
During the phoner Shannon boasted his endorsement from the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. Why the State Attorney General cares about the Chamber, you ask? Well, both of these guys are from NOVA, and head to head the Chamber decided to support Shannon. The Chamber is also supporting Republican Bob McDonnell. I asked Shannon how come he got the Chamber endorsement and his running mate Deeds did not? His wishy-washy answer was basically, each candidate’s different. Fact is Deeds could sure use a Chamber of Commerce endorsement. He’s getting hit on his statements to raise new revenues (taxes) for new roads. A new McDonnell commercial now showing on WAVY-TV shows a stumbling bumbling Creigh Deeds trying to explain his position on taxes. The McDonnell campaign took Deeds at his worst trying to explain how new taxes need to be dedicated to new roads. Deeds is actually very clear and articulate that new roads can not be built with old revenue sources like the General Fund as McDonnell proposes.
Cuccinelli unveiled a very thoughtful mental health agenda in his phoner campaign update. He is pushing for more emphasis on community based mental health programs rather that institutional solutions.
ENDORSEMENTS: Cuccinelli-NRA, Fraternal Order of Police, Shannon-Fairfax Chamber, Police benevolent Association, McDonnell-Northern VA. Technology Council, Deeds formed Sportsmen for Deeds to counter NRA for McDonnell. Deeds also got the endorsement of former Republican Governor Linwood Holton. It should be noted that Holton is Democratic Governor Tim Kaine’s father-in-law.
Deeds continues to hit McDonnell for his 1989 thesis he wrote at what is now Regent University. In it he said working women are detriments to the traditional family. Friday McDonnell’s campaign launched new television ads featuring women who worked for him and support him. The problem is some are state workers and although it may not be illegal it is almost unheard of that state workers are involved in political campaigns.
Here’s a transcript for what they say about McDonnell.
In “TRUST,” Women say:
Karen Fortier, Former Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney: “Creigh Deeds’ attacks on Bob McDonnell are false”
Lisa Caruso, Commonwealth’s Attorney: “Dishonest”
Pam Watts, Co-worker 17 years: “Are dishonest”
Lisa Hicks Thomas, Deputy Attorney General: “Half the Deputy Attorneys General Bob McDonnell appointed are women”
Lisa Caruso, Commonwealth’s Attorney: “Putting women in positions of authority”
Pam Watts, Co-worker 17 years: “Trusting women like me”
Flora Hezel, Former Assistant Attorney General: “Professional women and working mothers”
Maureen Matsen, Deputy Attorney General: “Women Bob McDonnell trusts to protect Virginia”
Lisa Hicks Thomas, Deputy Attorney General: “Prosecuting sexual predators with laws passed by Bob McDonnell”
Polly Franks, Victims Advocate: “I’ve seen Bob McDonnell stand up to protect women and children”
Lisa Hicks Thomas, Deputy Attorney General: “That’s what Bob McDonnell will do as Governor.”
Close McDonnell friend and current State Attorney General Bill Mims says any state worker supporting McDonnell is doing so on his/her own time and away from the office.
Noted political analyst Larry Sabato from UVA wrote in the Washington Post about McDonnell’s thesis: “He’s danced around it,” Sabato said. “You’ve had the formulations in the paper: ‘Well, that was a long time ago,’ and ‘Here’s my daughter.’ He hasn’t said, ‘I don’t believe that working women hurt the family.’ He has to repudiate it, and he hasn’t because he’s worried about offending the social conservatives who still believe that.”
FACT CHECK: The polls are trending towards McDonnell. It appears Deeds needs a new issue other than the thesis, or atleast needs another issue in order to sway independent undecideds towards him.
That’s this week on the Campaign Trail.

Thanks for reading, I’m Andy

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