Perfect example of an e-mail you should delete!

June 25th, 2009 at 3:08 pm by under 10 On Your Side, Scam Alert

We get phone calls all the time about scams that people receive through the mail, e-mail, telephone, etc. I received this e-mail today and wanted to share it with our viewers. This is a prime example of an e-mail that you should delete!!!

Sorry I didn’t inform you about my travel to UK for a Program, am presently in London. I am stranded here because the hotel where i lodged was burgled and i was affected. I would like you to assist me urgently with a soft loan of $1900 to sort-out my hotel bills and get myself back home. I would appreciate whatever you can afford.May God bless you.

 Here is my information:
Name/ Dick Rose
 Address: 2-24 Kensington High St
Zip code: W8 4PT
State: London
Country: England
Please email me the Western Union Money Transfer details as soon as you send the money. I will pay you back as soon as i am back . I wait to read from you soon.

Dick Rose

If you have received a letter/e-mail and you think it might be a scam, but aren’t sure, feel free to call us here at 10 On Your Side and we’ll help you figure it out.

Jamie Shackelford

10 On Your Side Producer

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    When power is gonna be restored in the wedgewood area?, everybody in the surroundings habe never lost power and i still hasnt see a dominion truck in the neighborhood. This is so frustrating not having power since thursday night while everyone around yoi has power

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