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April 28th, 2009 at 11:44 pm by under Uncategorized

So some fun things have been going on here at VT lately.

Two weekends ago was The Big Event, a day of community service where a large number of Hokies expressed their appreciation to the Blacksburg and Christiansburg residents for having such a large college in their area.

Last weekend was Relay for Life. It was my first time ever attending a Relay and I have to say, I was amazed! It was incredible seeing so many college students join together to fight cancer. I was incredibly moved by everyone’s dedication.  The spring football scrimmage was held last weekend as well.  It was great to get back into Lane stadium and feel the football energy that comes with being a Hokie.  It was a beautiful day, and our team is looking good for next year!

Exams start a week from Friday, so all the students here are a little on edge as the semester creeps to a close. But exams mean that summer is right around the corner, meaning I’ll be back in the 757! And THAT is certainly something I’m excited for! :)

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  1. Judy Triska says:

    Thanks for covering student life there at Virginia Tech.
    I have enjoyed your blogs and think you are doing a terrific job!

    Keep up the great correspondence.
    Judy Triska

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