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September 29th, 2008 at 4:14 pm by under Military

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  1. Larry Curtis says:

    Concerning moving a carrier to Mayport Fla. I know moving a carrier to Fla. would take money from this area, and that would not be good. But the main thing I see as this being a bad idea is, we are going to spend a lot of money to get the Mayport area ready for a carrier. I mean even dredging a place to keep it. I am almost sure they just are not equipped to handle a ship of this size and that is why it is going to take so many years to get their area ready. With the government spending so much money on two wars and the ecomomy in such bad condition, I think they need to wait a few years before they start spending all that money to move a ship. I also know the congress men and senators from that area are looking to make some points for relection. There are other ways to put people to work in that area that will benefit all of us. I may be totality wrong but I don’t think so and time will tell.

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