The 7:57 on 96X

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It’s been a little over a year since The Local Music Show on 96X was cancelled.  That news stunned the local music community as it was their only outlet to get their music played on the airwaves.  Well, I have a bit of good news for you.  Starting Monday August 4, The 7:57 with Crizti Walsh will debut on 96X at, you guess it, 7:57pm and the best part is that the show will be on 5 days a week, Monday-Friday

So you’re asking, “How do I get my songs played?”.  Easy, just send your tracks to  This is exciting news as our community is rich in original talent and all of it deserves to be played on the airwaves.

The 7:57 – Your Daily Dose Of Local starting Monday, August 4 at 7:57PM on 96.1 FM or 96.5 FM


The Last Bison – VA

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newlastbisonMark September 30, 2014 down on your calendar with two simple letters: “VA”.  That date is the day The Last Bison releases their much-anticipated follow-up to their epic Inheritance.  The new album is titled VA as in Virginia.  Recorded over the span of a few weeks, the band decided to approach a more independent-style of recording much like they did with their first release, Quill.  The self-produced recordings were captured in their make shift recording studio called The Wigwam.  11 tunes will comprise VA and they will support it by hitting the road in the fall for a 15 city venture.  Dates are below and a majority of them are on-sale now, just check with the venues.  I will be hitting a few of the dates to see how the rest of country embraces are hometown band, so stayed tuned to this spot for that.

The Last Bison Fall Tour 2014

Sept. 26      Richmond, VA          The Camel
Sept. 30      Pittsburgh, PA         Hard Rock Cafe
Oct. 01        Bloomington, IN     The Bishop
Oct. 02        Chicago, IL                Schubas
Oct. 03        Minneapolis, MN    7th Street Entry
Oct. 04        Rock Island, IL        Rozz Tox
Oct. 16        New York, NY           Mercury Lounge
Oct. 17        Fairfield, CT               Stage One
Oct. 18        Philadelphia, PA      World Cafe
Oct. 22        Durham, NC              Motorco
Oct. 23        Atlanta, GA               Vinyl
Oct. 24        Athens, GA                New Earth
Oct. 25        Charlotte, NC           Visulite Theater
Nov. 6          Vienna, VA               Jammin’ Java
Nov. 7         Charlottesville        The Southern

Uh Oh! Wet Weekend Ahead.

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Well it’s still a nice day today, but things will get pretty wet as we go into the weekend.  Today will still have dry air and high pressure in the region.



Winds will be more southerly this afternoon.  So we’ll see some warmer temperatures (low/mid 80s).  By tomorrow the stationary front offshore will move west.  This will bring us a few showers later in the day, but only with a 30% chance.  Highs will be in the low/mid 80s, but the humidity will be increasing.

Tomorrow's Forecast

Tomorrow’s Forecast

By tomorrow evening the rain chances will increase to 40-50%.  Then….Saturday.  The front will sit right on top of us and give us a high chance for rain.  For now I put the number up to 70%, but I may increase it.  The front will also stick around on Sunday.  So we have another day with high chances for rain.

Rain Chances

Rain Chances

It’s a little early for rain totals, but preliminary estimates are easily over 1″.  I’m hoping that it doesn’t rain the entire time, but let’s just say that the breaks look few and far between.  Stay tuned.  If the front sets up just a little to the east or west, then maybe we can drop the chances a bit.  At least for one of the days.

In the tropics I’m still tracking that pesky cluster of thunderstorms east of the Lesser Antilles.  It is still likely to form into a tropical depression or storm.  So far, though, it has been fighting some dry air to the north of it. The models still run it up close to Puerto Rico.  Then they generally take it towards the Bahamas.  Luckily towards the end of the forecast they keep the system out to sea.

Tropical Forecast Models

Tropical Forecast Models

We’ll continue to monitor, but for now it’s wait and see.

Speaking of the tropics.  There is new research about forecasting hurricane intensity.  New research suggests that the microphysics of the water particles at the surface behave differently as the wind speeds increase in a hurricane.  Here is the full article: Hurricane Intensity Forecast Research.

Staying along the lines of water…Another article that I found comes from NOAA.  It talks about how nuisance flooding (flooding that is below minor tidal flooding levels) has increased in Norfolk. In fact it has increased quite a bit here and in several other east coast cities. Here is that full article: Nuisance Flooding Increase.  I have witnessed this myself.  In fact the threshold for minor tidal flooding at Sewell’s Point has changed from 5 feet to 4.5 feet over the last few years.  While a believer in Global Warming and sea level rise, I also wonder how much the man-made structures have contributed to the increase.  There are a lot of ships, docks, and structures in the Bay.  Also the tunnels must take up a decent amount of space though most of the tunnels are underground.  It’s something that should be studied in my opinion.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Smoke From Canada Arrives In Hampton Roads

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Have you noticed the haze in the sky over the past two days? If so, that has been from the wildfires in the Northwest Territories in Canada. That means the smoke has been traveling over 2500 miles to reach our area! The recent punch of cool & dry air is the main reason.

Smoke in Yellowknife, CA

Smoke in Yellowknife, Canada

In the Northwest Territories (NWT) there are 160 active wild fires. NWT Wildfire Map.

Looking Towards the James River Bridge

Looking Towards the James River Bridge


The jet stream is carrying the smoke towards our region. You cannot smell the smoke since it is in the upper-levels in the atmosphere. Also, since it made that long trip to our area, it has dissipated to unnoticeable levels. As the pattern shifts over the next 24 hours the smoke and haze will clear.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson


Cool Weather Lately…But Warming Arctic?

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I talked about the a-typical weather pattern lately and the cooler weather that has followed it.  In fact Norfolk International Airport only had a high of 78 yesterday, when the average high temperatures is 87 degrees for this time of year.  Incredible!  Norfolk is close to the water, so that’s one reason that it was cooler than most Hampton Roads cities.  However, the region as a whole has had some coolness.  For a while we had a cyclical temperature pattern.

July Temperatures

July Temperatures

Then we had a longer stretch of cool weather in the second half of July.  We are still in that regime.  Highs today will be a little warmer (low 80s), but it is still very dry out there.  Dew points are in the 50s.  Other than a stray shower in the region we’ll have some very nice weather.  Nice weather will continue tomorrow, but we’ll see a few more showers move in around Friday.  Especially towards the evening.  Then over the weekend a boundary will move in from the ocean.  That is the current stationary front that now sits near the Gulf Stream.



This boundary may lead to a washout.  I’m hoping the models will change their tune a bit.  A shower wouldn’t hurt, but we don’t need an all weekend rainout. Stay tuned!  Perhaps it will change.

Recently one viewer mentioned that the recent coolness over the eastern U.S. was likely tied to the recent ice on the Great Lakes and over the Arctic Ocean.  I believe that there was a good influence from the late thaws up north, but I found a website from the National Snow and Ice Data Center.  Interestingly it talks about some of the fastest melting on record over the Arctic from late June through July.  Here’s the article: Fast Arctic Summer Melt.   So there was a late start, but now the melting is rapid.  Remember that while we have had some cool air, the entire globe had it warmest June on record according to NOAA.  That’s factoring in both air and water temperatures.  With the talk about the ice, I wondered how the current water temperatures were faring.  These are the current sea surface temperature anomalies (departure from average).

I figured that the Hudson Bay would be well below the average temperatures.  But according to NOAA/NESDIS most of that water is above average with a small, though sharp, area of cooler water in the southwest portion of the Bay. Looks like there a little ice there too, but generally that body of water is warmer than average. What really stuck out to me was the very warm water temperatures over most of the Arctic Waters (red areas).  This is very recent, and it’s very interesting.  Except for the north central Atlantic, most of that ocean and its surrounding waters are above average in the northern hemisphere.  It will be interesting to see how our weather pattern changes over the next month.  Especially as we go into the bulk of the hurricane season.

Speaking of the tropics.  I’m still watching that area of disturbed weather in the central Atlantic.  It didn’t look too impressive on satellite, but the National Hurricane Center still says that there is a good chance for development into a depression or storm.  If it does develop, then most models take it just east of Puerto Rico in a few days.  Then it stays well offshore from the U.S. as it moves northward.

Area Of Interest

Area Of Interest

I have some other links to other interesting weather news that I will share in tomorrow’s blog.  Until then. Enjoy the coolness.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

A Lesson in Flexibility

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I’ve mentioned in several past posts that Stephanie Cooke is the Producer of the Hampton Roads Show. Last week, Stephanie gave a lesson in flexibility that stretched past a lecture and entered the realm of the tangible.

As producer, Stephanie can usually be found on the set of the show during the live taping. This week was no different. Yet, rather floor directing or taking care of usual business, Stephanie operated the handheld camera one day and hosted the show another! In the same week, Stephanie also offered to help with one of the control room operations.

Seeing Stephanie wear her many hats reminded me why learning about every aspect of television is important. If Stephanie did not know how to operate a camera or how to host, the show would have been like wearing slippers with a full length gown: dressed to perfection, but missing a major piece. And just so you know, no notice was given prior to Stephanie stepping in – she performed these other tasks at 15 minutes notice.

Check her out in the photo below:

Overheard at WAVY – “You’ll get farther being flexible, than you will being inflexible”



The LMF Album Review: The Raskins

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microphoneIt’s not everyday that you pop in a new CD (or hit play on your iPod) and are immediately hooked on this music your ears have never heard before.  Usually you groove into the first run through and then rinse and repeat a few times before you really love it – That is not the case with The Raskins.  The first moments I heard the guitar on the opening track, We Had It All, I was hooked – immediately hooked.  NY born and raised twin brothers, Roger and Logan Raskin have crafted a gem of a record.  An adult orientated rock album that you just don’t hear anymore.

In this day in age of $.99 singles, there really isn’t a priority from a lot of bands to make a complete record.  For the most part, you get a bunch of songs thrown together that just make an album – not a complete album – just an album.  The songs on this self-titled record blend really well together and never missing a beat from one power driven guitar riff to another.

A great mix of pure rock tunes like We Had It All and Save Me Now to the pop rock sound of On The Radio to the deep punch of Lost In The Dark – every one of the 13 songs on the record tell a different story but blend extremely well together to make this a complete record.  This is a record that every needs in their life.

You will be able to see The Raskins perform these great songs live on August 20 at Farm Bureau Live in Virginia Beach as they open up for Motley Crue’s Final Tour.  I will also interview the guys earlier in the day and give you a behind the scenes look at their set.  You can pick up this CD at the show or download it on iTunes and other digital outlets.

The Raskins *****





Benefit Of Odd Weather

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We are seeing that odd weather pattern again over the United States.  An unusually cool airmass has pushed into the eastern half of the United States, and it has created a large trough in the upper levels of the atmosphere.

Odd Weather Pattern

Odd Weather Pattern

The reason it is odd is because this type of pattern hardly ever happens in the Summer.  Also, the pattern looks like it will be stuck for a few days.  Luckily this will give us some nice weather locally. Highs will be in the 80s and lows will be in the 60s for the next 3-4 days.   Other than an isolated shower in the region, we’ll have a dry forecast.

By next weekend things will change.  The trough will lift north, and we’ll warm up again.  The humidity will flow back northward. This will give us a higher chance for rain.

In the tropics I am tracking a large area of thunderstorms in the east central Atlantic.  It is moving west and is likely to become a tropical depression or storm in the next few days.

Area In The Tropics

Area In The Tropics

The models detect this area and generally strengthen it.  Over the next few days the system is forecast to move west and then northwest towards Puerto Rico.  The GFS model keeps it out to sea, but we’ll see what happens beyond the Greater Antilles.  For now it’s just something to watch.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Not loving Lucy

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LUCY is an action-thriller of monumental proportions.  In fact the themes explored in the movie are so big — too big — it’s hard to wrap your mind around.
It starts by questioning what we — humanity that is — have accomplished since life began.  The questioning comes as voice over from Lucy, while visually we see another Lucy — Australopithecus in her natural habitat…. and then the advancement of time to busy cityscapes.  Wow.  I think to myself — we’ve accomplished a lot.  Apparently not Lucy doesn’t think so.

Scarlett Johansson is Lucy — an American woman in Taipei, apparently as a student (at one point she says she has exams tomorrow).  Her new boyfriend wants her to help him out by delivering a case to a “Mr. Jang” in a hotel.  Of course she refuses.  He forces her to do it, and soon everything goes bad, and Lucy is taken away by thugs to meet with the said Mr. Jang.
After beatings and killings and washing of hands in the middle of the hotel room, Lucy becomes a drug mule — she’s knocked out and has a bag of a very new, very powerful drug surgically inserted into her stomach.  She has to carry this where they want her to or else.
Bad things happen; the bag begins to leak inside her body and her brain is accessing more and more of her cerebral space allowing her to do some pretty amazing things.  She can read entire volumes in seconds; she can control technology, people, her hair color and so much more.
With Mr Jang’s gang hot on her heels — Lucy recruits a policeman in Paris (Amr Waked) to help her get to an American professor there (Morgan Freeman).  I’m still not sure entirely why.

There are car chases; there are explosions; there are fights that are useless, because as Lucy accesses more and more of her “cerebral capacity” she’s unstoppable.  That gives away the end of the movie… kind of?  NO! not unless you were expecting worm holes, meteor showers, and melting humans becoming computers???  What?
Writer/director Luc Besson (La Femme Nikita and The Professional to The Fifth Element) has launched some pretty bad movies into theaters — this is one weird movie.  Odd nature scenes intercut at random times.  The plot is weak; the characters are weaker.
Scarlett Johansson does an adequate job trying to hold together the character that doesn’t seem to really come together as a character.  And sadly — this is not Morgan Freeman’s best work… largely because of the weak professor character.
When it was over I felt like I’d been in the theater for two hours, and when I checked the clock… It had been just 89 minutes!
If you watch the trailers — it looks like we are in for an amazing action flick with a dominant female hero.  What we get seems more like a Indy-wannabe film made by a dude that loves to create special effects and not characters to drive the film.

TWO OUT OF FIVE COOKIES.  The two are for the special effects… I am a story person — and this story gets ZERO cookies from me.

Rated R for strong violence, disturbing images, and sexuality.

Virginia Home Grown Roots Series

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microphoneThe sounds of the islands will be coming to the Oceanfront this Friday at the Jewish Mother.  What will soon become a regular series, The Virginia Home Grown Roots Series will feature the best reggae and rhythm artists in the 757 as well as a handful of national and world artists.

Friday will feature the St. Croix sounds of Ras Attitude as well as Jah T with the Session Rockers and Live Music Friday alum, Greg Gutty.  More artists are being added to the lineup daily, so click this link to keep up-to-date with the ever-growing lineup.

Tickets are going fast, so get yours here.  Doors open at 8p with the performances starting at 9p sharp.  In case you missed it, check out Greg Gutty’s performance from The Hampton Roads Show from January 31: