Bone Dry Ahead

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It’s a pretty easy blog today.   No bells & whistles.  We had a cold front move through yesterday during the evening, and there were some scattered showers in the region.

Radar Yesterday

Radar Yesterday

Even though there was some rain in the region, it really didn’t amount to much.  If fact…I had no weather watchers that had rain in their gauges. It was even tough to find a report.  Temperatures were slow to fall behind the front last night.  So we started the day with temps in the 50s as skies had cleared out after sunrise. We’ll see a lot of sunshine today, but the breeze will stop us from warming up too much.  Winds will be out of the north-northwest at 10-20mph with gusts from 25-30mph near the shore.



Highs will be in the mid-upper 60s with some low 60s near the shore.  Along with that we will have some major drying today.  The dew points have dropped from the 50s since last night to the 30s this morning.

Dew Points

Dew Points

For this time of year, dew points in the 30s means bone-dry conditions.  So be careful with any flame units today like grills.  Fire will be able to spread quickly.  Especially since we did miss a lot of the rain yesterday.

Tonight we’ll cool down to the low/mid 40s with clear skies.  The dry weather will continue through tomorrow, but at least the wind will die down.  We’ll warm up on Friday with some scattered showers late in the day.  Then we’ll stay warm on Saturday, but there will be a cool down on Sunday.  A few showers are possible again late Saturday night.

Last but not least…the pollen is very high today.   I put the forecast at a 10 out of 10…..That’s bad.  The pollen counts in the region are above 1,000.   I was miserable last night and this morning.  Be prepared.  Here is my pollen blog from a couple of weeks ago for some tips to try to cope with allergies.  Pollen Blog.   Good luck allergy sufferers!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler


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Two reasons why I’ve been smiling while I walked the scenic NOLAND TRAIL in Newport News over the past week. I’ll be smiling again as I hit “trails” all over Hampton Roads in the next five days. ELIAS, my oldest daughter’s February blessing is on the left. And “LIL ROSCOE” (aka- LIAM) is my partner KATIE’s handsome boy, born last July. BABY Elias and mommy 16627_10152272982082930_123902686_n

These healthy infants have a great opportunity to grow to a ripe old age, and physically do whatever they want, thanks to the MARCH OF DIMES.  Wednesday through Sunday, I’ll be thinking of the boys as I pound the pavement with JIMMY RAY of “97-3 THE EAGLE.”  We start at the Country Club of Williamsburg, 7am, with the goal of reaching Patrick Henry Mall by about 11. And each day, we’ll take a bite out of the 80+ mile route, inching closer to the goal of the oceanfront. Check the link for each day’s effort.
During that first FOUR HOUR trek with JIMMY RAY, we’ll each have plenty of time to talk (I’ll do a lot of LISTENING) about how to solve every problem in the universe. But when we’re not flapping our gums, the quiet moments will be great for counting our blessings- two of which you see, here.

Liam - Lil Roscoe -2 1238940_4845738956387_724864554_n

Their moms knew what to do to help insure their successful births- thanks in large part to the work of the MARCH OF DIMES. In their words:   “We help moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. If something goes wrong, we offer information and comfort to families. We research the problems that threaten our babies and work on preventing them.”
You may know someone who’s waiting for their little blessing right now. You can help them by supporting me and my walking buddy, Jimmy Ray. Better yet, just go right to the source, the March of Dimes. Send them a check -and on the memo line, just write in that name that’s your reason to smile.
Each day, our MARCH FOR BABIES will shine a spotlight on the MARCH OF DIMES and it’s support of research to prevent premature births and defects. Check out the link to the map of our daily route, follow our progress, cheer us on when you see us on the street AND PUH-LEEZE support the MARCH OF DIMES.  And to top it all off, join our MARCH FOR BABIES and WALK WITH US this SUNDAY, April 27, 2014, 830am at the VB oceanfront!

Warmer Weather Is Here

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When I got in this morning I noticed 2 things.  1 That the pollen was high and my allergies were going nuts.  And 2.  Meteorologist Tiffany Savona left me a graphic from last night that was pretty interesting.  It showed last weeks cool-down compared to this week’s.  Here is that graphic:

Cool Down Comparison

Cool Down Comparison

So last week we had the huge arctic blast.  This week we’ll see a nice cool down, but it will actually be pretty nice behind the front this time.  Today we are warming to the upper 70s out ahead of the cold front.  We’ll probably hit a few 80s inland too.  Winds are already picking up out of the southwest.  They will run at about 10-15mph with a few gusts up to 20mph.

Today's Forecast

Today’s Forecast

We had a few clouds around this morning, but we’ll see strong sunshine from the mid morning through midday.  Due to the higher temps, recent rain, and higher humidity I have put the pollen forecast up to a 10 out of today today.  I think we’ll see greenish/yellowish cars everywhere by the end of the day.

By this evening the front will push through.  The models are suggesting 2 rounds of showers and storms.  The first one comes in at 5pm.

Future Trak (5pm)

Future Trak (5pm)

This will be a little ahead of the front.  On a large scale this is not going to be a huge powerful system.  There will be a little instability, but the upper level winds don’t look too strong.  So while we may see a few spots of heavier rain and gusty winds, we are not expecting severe weather at this time. Later in the evening a second round looks to appear just behind the front.  This will be from about 8-11pm.

Overnight we will dry out behind the front. Winds will pick up out of the northwest at 10-20mph, and temperatures will drop down to near 50.  Behind the front tomorrow we’ll actually see some nice weather.  Winds will be breezy (NW 10-20mph), but the sun will be out and highs will still manage to get into the mid 60s.  It will be even better on Thursday with less wind, but similar weather.

We’ll warm up again by Friday with a few more late day storms possible.  The weekend was looking cooler, but now the models have backed off of the cooling a bit and are keeping the temps mild.  We’ll see if this is a trend.

In national news there is a new study out about certain biofuels. Namely corn residue.  It says that they are not more efficient that gasoline. Here is the article from the Associated Press: Biofuel efficiency.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

DisneyNature’s “Bears” shines

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CLICK HERE to see the official trailer for DisneyNature’s Bears.

Now showing in theaters across Hampton Roads.

Disneynature-Bears-PosterThe star of this DisneyNature film is supposed to be the bears, but so much of it is the landscape in which they live and trek through.  Oh, ok — the bears are pretty awesome, too.

In honor of Earth Day weekend, DisneyNature is back with the spectacular look at a year in the life of a momma bear (SKY) and her two new cubs (AMBER and SCOUT).  It starts with the birth and nursing through the winter — hibernating… buried beneath mounds of snow in the regal mountains of Alaska’s Katmai National Park. Soon enough the snow begins to melt and it’s time for Sky to make the move — the LONG LONG journey toward food… the salmon runs.

The trio faces treacherous terrain, even an avalanche along the way, but the search for food is what it’s all about.  When they arrive at the meadow at the dawn of Spring… grass is the first staple.  But a quick jaunt to the shore ahead of the salmon arrival means there’s other “fishing” to do.  There are lots of scenes of adorable cubs frolicking in the ocean waters and digging for clams in Alaska’s mud flats.

But, it’s not all fun.  Sky must defend her cubs against wolves and other hungry male bears… Magnus — the king of the meadow — and Chinook — the exiled, fringe king wanna be.  Both of them come for the bear cubs looking to fill their need for food.  Sky stands her ground. The fight for survival against wolves, bears, and ultimately hunger, is fascinating to watch.

Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey (known for work on “African Cats”) teamed up with co-writer Adam Chapman to bring Bears to life.  And actor John C. Reilly as the narrator was a great choice.  His happy-go-lucky approach to the narration and the imagined internal dialogue of the bears was an enjoyable fit.

DisneyNature’s BEARS is educational but also brings us an emotionally appealing story that makes the film easy to watch for all ages.   And for me as a producer, I absolutely LOVED the closing credits because we get to see how the filmmakers actually got the spectacular shots.  We see the camera people up to their chests in water to get underwater shots of salmon, and face-to-face with wolves and bears to get shots of some of the most tense scenes in the film.  And we see their camp, and equipment — especially the mounted camera on the helicopter that brings us the amazing aerial shots from mountain peaks to avalanches.  Simply fascinating to watch.


Rated G for all audiences.  A word of caution though for parents — there are a few scenes that could upset the littlest movie-goers… there are scenes involving abandonment and a drowning scare that are handled well, but could still be upsetting.  The movie ultimately is about SURVIVAL.


I’m Back. Now Where’s The Warmer Weather?

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Yes…yes… It’s true.  I am back from vacation.  It was a nice one.  We flew to Arkansas to see my dad for part of it.  We got to visit one of the local caves there and see some of the local geography.  The weather was about the same there as it was here.  Warm for 1 or 2 days, then cold and windy with some rain.  So we got back to Hampton Roads just in time for our local cool-down.  It stayed cool through yesterday, and an area of low pressure kept the winds going.  Meteorologist Tiffany Savona even mentioned that some of the winds were over 40mph.  Easter eggs were blowing down the street.  Also there was quite a bit of rain across northeast North Carolina yesterday.  The culprit for the wet/windy weather was an area of low pressure that was just offshore.  Today the low will steadily push east.  High pressure will build in.  So we’ll have gradual clearing and the winds won’t be as strong.



Temperatures will warm to the low 60s near the shore and upper 60s inland.  Winds will be out of the northeast at 10-15mph with gusts up to 20mph near the shore.  There may be a bit of ocean overwash over part of the Outer Banks this afternoon.  The waves are up, but be careful surfers.  I don’t have an official forecast for rip currents, but I imagine that there is at least a moderate risk for them today if not a high one.

Tomorrow we’ll have more of a southerly wind.  With the high overhead we’ll also have a lot of sunshine.  So high temperatures will run all the way up to the upper 70s.  However, late in the day a cold front will approach from the west.  This will create some late-day scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms.  We will cool down then Wednesday and Thursday, but it won’t be anything like the recent cold-wave that hit the area.  Highs will be in the 60s and lows will be in the 40s.  The average high temperature for this time of year is 69 degrees.  At least this week will be much quieter than last week.  It will be nicer for Spring Breakers.  I’ve heard there’s a few kids in North Carolina that are off this week.  If so, then enjoy.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Drier With More Sunshine on Monday

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It was a wet Easter weekend for some and a windy Easter Sunday for all of us. The good news is that the rain will taper off across North Carolina tonight. The bad news is that the wind will stay up tonight and for the first half of your Monday. The wind and the rain is being generated by an area of low pressure spinning off the coast of North Carolina and South Carolina. This low is throwing moisture our way, especially across North Carolina. The strong winds are a result of the difference in pressure between the high to our north and the low to our southeast. Some wind gusts were as high as 40-45 mph earlier today.



Northeast winds will stay up tonight and range from 15-25mph with gusts up to 30mph. Here is the wind speed forecast for Monday. Sustained winds should range between 15-20mph in the morning and then drop down to 10-15mph during the afternoon.

Monday Wind Speeds

Monday Wind Speeds

Tides will remain elevated during the next high tide, which is around 2:30 AM Monday. We are not concerned about minor tidal flooding because the water levels should remain below the minor flooding threshold. However, nuisance tidal flooding is possible. A High Surf Advisory is in effect until early Monday morning for the Outer Banks and Currituck. Waves could reach 8-10 feet and ocean over-wash is possible.

Areas across the Southside and North Carolina will start off with the clouds tomorrow morning. Areas north of the Southside should start off with more sunshine. Clouds will clear out by the afternoon across the Southside, but will linger across North Carolina. Highs will be in the lower 60s across the metro with upper 60s inland and upper 50s along the immediate coast.

We are going to see a big warm-up by Tuesday. Highs will warm up into the mid to upper 70s out ahead of our next cold front. Most of Tuesday (Earth Day) will stay dry. Showers/isolated storms are possible anytime after 4 PM and  all of the rain should end shortly after midnight.

Future Trak at 7 PM Tuesday

Future Trak at 7 PM Tuesday

Cooler and drier air will move in behind the front. Temperatures will drop back into the low to mid 60s Wednesday and Thursday.

We didn’t see enough rain to really wash out the pollen this weekend, so the pollen forecast will remain on the high side over the next few days. Sorry allergy sufferers! I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

-Meteorologist Tiffany Savona


A Rainy Saturday, Less Rain Tomorrow

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The cool temperatures are going to stick around for our Easter weekend across the area. Today we will see highs near 57 degrees. Tomorrow, temperatures will be near 60. Along with the cool temperatures; there will be a strong northeast wind.

Between Low & High Pressure

Between Low & High Pressure

In between both of these areas of low and high pressure exists a tight pressure gradient. That tight gradient will keep our wind speeds high with winds around 10-15mph today. Tomorrow the wind will be even stronger at 15-20mph and gusts easily over 30mph. As the storm gets closer, it will run out of rainfall.

For today, we are starting the day with plenty of rain:

Rain Moves Back South this afternoon

Rain Moves Back South this afternoon

The rain is going to break apart and retreat back to the south this afternoon. Across the Peninsula, Eastern Shore and areas north you will see mostly cloudy skies late this afternoon. For the Southside Hampton Roads cities and North Carolina, rain will taper off during the afternoon and early evening.

AM Sprinkles Possible on Easter

AM Sprinkles Possible on Easter

Any kids going on their annual Easter egg hunt, or those special sunrise services that are outdoors tomorrow morning may be a little soggy due to the incoming sprinkles for our area. I believe we will see the dry air win around midday and in the afternoon which should  keep up with mostly cloudy skies for our Easter Sunday.

Easter Forecast

Easter Forecast

In to Monday and Tuesday (Earth Day) we will see more sunshine with highs getting close to 70 degrees again.

Enjoy your Easter weekend.

-Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson


This weekend in Hampton Roads

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Celebrate Easter this weekend with kid-friendly activities, or bring the family to the circus! There’s a lot going on in Hampton Roads – check it out:

*Families welcomed home thousands of Sailors and Marines this week as the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group returned. Many of those families were reunited for the first time in nine months. Click here to read a helpful article about strategies for post-deployment happiness.

*PHOTOS: Harry S. Truman CSG homecoming

*Need some last-minute Easter basket tips? The Hampton Roads Show has you covered!

Saturday, April 19:

-CHESAPEAKE: Enjoy some free Easter fun in Chesapeake this weekend at White’s Nursery and Greenhouses, located at 3133 Old Mill Rod. Check it out from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and enjoy candy and egg hunts with the Easter bunny.

-HAMPTON: The 14th Annual International Children’s Festival is free and open to the public Saturday. It’s at Mill Point Park in Hampton, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Organizers were on The Hampton Roads Show Friday to talk about the festival. Click here to watch the segment, and for more information.

-HAMPTON: Fans of the circus – check out Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents LEGENDS this weekend at the Hampton Coliseum. Tickets run from $15 to $50, and parking is free. This weekend is your last chance to catch the circus.

-NEWPORT NEWS: Is your garden in need of a boost? The Virginia Living Museum is holding an annual sale as a fundraiser, offering a wide array of plants. The Museum says the goal is to introduce folks to the variety of native plants. Admission to the sale is free, and it runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

-NORFOLK: Celebrate Earth Day at Norfolk Botanical Garden this weekend. The celebration is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and includes activities, crafts, and more. It’s a good chance for outdoor, educational and interactive fun.

-NORFOLK: The Way Church is hosting a community Easter egg hunt this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is free and open to the public, and will include plenty of Easter-themed activities.

-NORFOLK: A charity bicycle ride heads through our area this weekend. The 2014 Freedom Ride is a charity event to combat human trafficking in Hampton Roads. All proceeds go to support the Virginia Beach Justice Initiative. Click here to learn more.

-VIRGINIA BEACH: Enjoy Easter weekend with special events at Hunt Club Farm! There are egg hunts all day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Plus, kids have the chance to meet the Easter bunny, pet farm animals, or go on a hay ride. It’ll cost you $15 per child, and $8 per adult.

-VIRGINIA BEACH: Are you participating in the Color Me Rad 5K this weekend? It’s a color-filled race at the Virginia Beach Sportsplex. If you’re running, share your pictures with us by emailing

Sunday, April 20:

-CHESAPEAKE: Enjoy some free Easter fun in Chesapeake this weekend at White’s Nursery and Greenhouses, located at 3133 Old Mill Road. Check it out from noon to 4 p.m., and enjoy candy and egg hunts with the Easter bunny.

-HAMPTON: Lions, tigers, and bears – oh my! It’s just the circus! Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey presents LEGENDS in Hampton, and Sunday is your last chance to see the show. Admission runs from $15 to $50 at the Hampton Coliseum.

-NORFOLK: Up for an afternoon of baseball? The Norfolk Tides are taking on Durham at 1:05 p.m. Click here for tickets and more information.

-NORFOLK: Visit the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio for a free demonstration at noon. The glass demonstrations start at noon every day, Wednesday through Sunday.

-NORFOLK: Work on your pottery skills with a clay workshop at Norfolk Botanical Garden. Learn new techniques from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

-VIRGINIA BEACH: Hunt Club Farm is hosting an Easter egg hunt this weekend, including a visit from the Easter bunny! Visitors can also enjoy hay rides, inflatable rides, music and more. Tickets are $15 per child, $8 per adult.

-VIRGINIA BEACH: It’s the “quest for the golden egg” Sunday at the Founders Inn in Virginia Beach. Three special eggs are hidden around the resort, which will lead to “sensational prizes.” Easter brunch at the Founders Inn is from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

10 On Your Side’s Community Calendar

What else is happening this weekend in Hampton Roads? Add your event in the comments section below, or submit it at this link.


Nothin’ But The Blues

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The day that you’ve been waiting for is finally here:  FRIDAY!  Yes, it’s Friday and I can’t think of a better way to kick off the weekend then by heading down to the NorVa and for some good, local blues.

Nothin’ But The Blues features some of the best blues the 757 has to offer.  Our good buddy, Anthony Rosano and The Conqueroos will join MIMSY, Soulshine, Evan Button and last week’s Live Music Friday featured artist, Jessica Doran.  Tickets are still available at the NorVa box office for just 12 bones and doors open at 7p with the show kicking off at 8p.  To give you a little preview of tonight’s shindig, here are Live Music Friday performances from Anthony and The Jess Doran Band.



Some Rain For Easter Weekend

April 18th, 2014 at 7:35 am by under Weather

Temperatures are a bit warmer this morning. Readings have mostly been in the 40s. Across the Eastern Shore, temperatures were a little cooler with lows near 39 degrees in Melfa and towards Cape Charles this morning.

Morning Low Temps

Morning Low Temps

This afternoon, thick clouds will continue to rule our skies. A little sunshine is possible, that could allow high temperatures to climb to the mid-50s.

The rain will start to move in late tonight, and begin likely after midnight. The best chance for showers will be tomorrow morning across the Hampton Roads cities.

Future Trak @ 7am

Future Trak @ 7am

In to the afternoon, the rain will begin to scatter a bit more, and mostly be centered over NE NC. Across Virginia Saturday night, we will see cloudy skies with a continues northeast wind. There is a small chance that the rain could continue on Easter Sunday in North Carolina.

Easter Forecast

Easter Forecast

Easter Sunday should be a little warmer with highs near 63 degrees. Monday and Tuesday next week will be the warmest as we should have highs near 70.

Enjoy your Easter Weekend!

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson