Cool Front For Now, Big Change This Weekend!

October 1st, 2014 at 8:15 am by under Weather

While it was another quiet morning across the region, it was also foggy again for some local towns and counties.  We had more school delays in North Carolina. Yesterday that fog held on for a long time over parts of central Virginia/North Carolina.  Hopefully, that won’t happen again.

Today there is a weak cool front moving through the region.  Also, there is a weak mid-level disturbance to our north.  This is causing a few showers over Maryland this morning.



Both of these features will sink south through the afternoon.  This will give us a few sprinkles in the region later today.  It will also keep the temperatures mild.

By Friday we’ll change the weather pattern up.  A warm front will make it through the region.  Winds will be out of the south/southeast and skies will be partly cloudy.

Friday's Forecast

Friday’s Forecast

High temps will push up to near 80 on Friday, but this warmth is temporary.  A strong cold front will move through the region late Friday night into early Saturday.

Saturday's Forecast

Saturday’s Forecast

There will be some rain showers near the front.  An isolated thunderstorm is even possible.  For now this looks like it will happen late Friday night, and the rain will last through the mid morning on Saturday.  Keep in mind that the trend has been to hold on to the showers a little later in the morning on Saturday.  Cooler/Drier air will filter in through the day.  So by Saturday afternoon we should be partly cloudy with highs in the 70s.  Temps may even drop a bit.  The colder air will really sink in by Saturday night.  Lows will be in the 50s area-wide.  There may even be some 40s inland.

If you like Fall weather, then it should be very nice for you on Sunday.  We’ll be partly sunny with highs in the mid-upper 60s.  Then we’ll warm up just a bit on Monday.

The tropics are awfully quiet lately.  We are coming out of the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, and we are running below average.   Usually by mid-October, Hampton Roads is in the clear.  That is for MOST years.  Not all years. I.E. Hurricane Sandy.

Average Hurricane Season

Average Hurricane Season

Higher wind shear along with some dry Saharan air has helped to keep the activity down this year in the Atlantic, but the Pacific has been busy.

I did find a neat article which talks about the Hurricane Hunters and those that fly into hurricanes.  It gives a little history including the first official flight into a hurricane and some losses that have happened while flying. Here’s the story: Hurricane Hunters (70 years of info).

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Intern Chronicles: Tuesday Takes

September 30th, 2014 at 5:55 pm by under Interns


If you haven’t met me by now, my name is Mitchell Brown, Mitch, the intern, whatever you prefer. I’m elated to be here and it feels like the first day every time I get here! With that being said, I love to write, especially about sports. But I thought it would be great to give an introductory post to my journey.

I’ve been here for roughly a month, but the experiences I’ve gotten so far will surely last a lifetime. The whole station’s mantra is work hard, but have fun while doing it. Just take a walk around and you can wind up having a full-fledged conversation with someone you just shook hands with.

The sports guys are amazing. I’ve already learned the difference between being good and great. Nate, Brian, Bruce, and Chris all go above and beyond to bring quality reporting and content to your television and computer screens, EVERYDAY. There’s not a day you would come in to this station and see them taking it easy. They believe in perfection and that’s the kind of attitude you want to be around. Their attention to detail is starting to rub off on me and when I make the smallest of mistakes, I’m making sure it doesn’t happen again. Even when I make a mistake, they’re not bashing me, they’re showing me the right thing to do so that I don’t go somewhere else and make the same mistake in the future. It’s the small things like that that are going to make me a better intern. Each week I set goals and since I’ve been here, I’ve progressed each time.

I can sit in the sports cave for hours and not be bored at all. Granted I’m still learning and figuring out how this works (which is frustrating at times) and how to make it work for me, I know this is where I belong. The first time I realized this is FOR SURE what I want to pursue as a career is when I went out to the Western Branch and Oscar Smith game and the atmosphere put a smile on my face that these words can’t even describe. A lot of people want to cover pro sports, which is perfectly fine because I do to. My point is that I’m just gracious to be here and being able to see the passion that I have for sports be shared by everybody I encounter at these games or stories in Hampton Roads is me fulfilling a dream.

I like to tell stories, and I like to get creative, so my blog will take some different directions (nothing crazy, don’t worry) but I just like to give good content, and I hope that my journey will display the beauty of chasing a dream. Thanks to everyone and I look forward to growing some great relationships!

To everyone in the newsroom: Let me know if you need any assistance, I’m in Sports, but why not learn as much as I can?







In-Between Distubances

September 30th, 2014 at 8:36 am by under Weather

There was some rain in the region yesterday and last night.  This was along a weak disturbance in the atmosphere that has since moved out.  The rain didn’t add up to much, but a couple tenths of an inch did fall from the Peninsula northward.

24 Hour Rain Totals

24 Hour Rain Totals

Pam in Gloucester had 0.25″ of rain.  The moisture on the ground, light winds, and inland clearing led to some fog this morning.  It was pretty thick inland, but it wasn’t bad along the coast.  Today high pressure will build in a bit from the west.  So we’ll see some nice weather with partly sunny skies and highs in the 70s.



Tomorrow another weak disturbance will move into the region (in the mid levels).  This will increase the clouds and may even cause a few sprinkles.  Highs will be in the 70s.  We’ll stay mild and go dry for Thursday.  Then we’ll warm up on Friday.  Highs will get up into the 80s ahead of the next big cold front.  So the front will move through Friday night into early Saturday.  This will give us some scattered rain showers.  Those should push out by mid-Saturday morning.  Then we’ll have some beautiful weather for the rest of the weekend.  However, it will be much cooler. Highs will be in the upper 60s to low 70s.  Lows will be in the 50s with some 40s possible inland.  Now there’s a taste of Fall for you.  We’ll warm up a bit then by next Monday.

I found this on the internet this morning.  I’ve never seen a cloud like this before.  At least not this large.   Apparently it is a large circle cloud that was spotted on satellite.  Very cool. Check it out. Circle cloud over the Pacific.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Doubting Thomas

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Doubting Thomas

What would you do? I was driving through a neighborhood and saw a man, lying on the street. In those few seconds- as best I could determine from a moving vehicle- he didn’t move. First thought- “keep on going. He’s sleeping ‘it’ off.” Second thought: “Uh oh. What if he just collapsed from some other health problem and was dying; or maybe he was a victim of a hit-and-run, or, he just got ‘jacked’?” I ran through a bunch of other “What If’s” by the time I’d gotten two blocks away. My answer to one of those questions was – DO SOMETHING.

This happened Saturday evening along busy Warwick Boulevard in the “trendy” Hilton area of Newport News. Who knows how long he’d been there? I’m guessing – dozens of other drivers passed him by, too, as I had to wait a traffic light cycle or two to make my U. As I doubled back, I realized I was just a couple of blocks away from the GOODWILL and CHKD second hand stores. U-turn complete and… he was still there. Still not moving. I pulled over, parked and headed for him.

If he’s unresponsive, or obviously hurt, of course I’m going to dial 9-1-1. But what if he’s just “sleeping it off” or mentally ill, and he’s “clingy” or violent, what do I do then? (Don’t know KARATE- I watched for 3 years as my son trained for his black belt. It’s been ’bout 50 years since my last STREET FIGHT. Hey, I can still run!) Those thoughts- and the standard one from my wife: “CALL 9-1-1.”

No. I had to personally get involved.

I reach the guy. He looked like a younger Tommie Lee Jones, but with white hair. “Hey, brother, you alright?” He actually looked kind of comfortable on the manicured edge of a bank’s property. He jerked in reaction to my voice, then said: “Who the f— wants to know?” Back and forth for about a minute- I’m asking him obligatory questions- he’s cussing me out for disturbing him. And, as we go at it, I notice both his lower legs are metallic. And his 3rd leg, a cane, is on the ground, just out of reach. His eyes are glazed, but not quite bloodshot. He’s angry at the world, still cussin’. And then he loudly proclaims: “I’M GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL! I KNOW IT!” And then he gives me an exaggerated, wide-eyed look as if he’s trying to scare the h— out of me! I am scared, but I’m not running. He said his name was THOMAS. He quickly corrected that and then called himself “Doubting Thomas.”

I’m now “Paralyzed Don.” What do I do now? I’ve engaged him, he’s in need of some kind of help; he’s angry, possible drunk; I’ve got no answers, and, I’m not going to just walk away. I make the cliched offer: “Can I get you something to eat?” And then I step across my wife’s line – “Want a ride to the shelter?” He answers “No! I’ve had a ‘couple’- and the Mission won’t take you if you’ve been drinking.”

So now what? Thomas says someone ripped off his bag with all his stuff. Coat’s gone, too, and it’s going to be cold again tonight. Aha! There is something I CAN DO. But, what’s my exit strategy? THOMAS needs help. He doesn’t want me to do anything but to get out of his way so he can got to H—. Now, standing on his tennis-shoe-wrapped metalic feet, I guess he saw how hopeless I looked. I wasn’t preaching, or offering him any money. And he wasn’t going to stick around for the 9-1-1 guys.

I let him go, got in my car and u-turned toward the GOOD WILL. They had a nice peacoat onsale for  ONLY 8.99. Now, to find him. THOMAS perched himself between two dumpsters behind a 7-11. He seemed surprised I found him. Thomas reminded me he was on his way to H—. But he doesn’t have to be cold along the way. Thomas saw what was in my hand and rejected it. I told him I’d leave the coat on the side of the dumpster incase he changed his mind. As I walked away, he said… Thanks.  He’s probably still out there. What should I have done? How about you?  And, one more thing: On the day I’m writing this, I just happened to find this post on my facebook page- a homeless guy named RONALD, telling his story. Tell me what you think, here, or on my facebook page.  Thanks.


Cloudy Start To The Week

September 29th, 2014 at 8:44 am by under Weather

It was a very nice/quiet weekend.   We had a lot of sunshine with some clouds building in late yesterday.  After the dryness over the last 48 hours, now the moisture is pushing back in.  In fact this has caused some showers to form just to our west in the overnight.  The scattered light showers are pushing east and will move through the region today.



There are actually no big weather systems around.  There’s a weak high to the north, a weak low to the southwest, and a weak front over the Midwest.  So our showers are coming from the moisture push, some weak overrunning, and a weak mid-level disturbance.  See a theme?

I put the chance for rain at 30% with a higher chance later this afternoon into the evening.  Amounts should be a couple tenths of an inch or less.  This will all push out by tomorrow. We’ll see nice weather by the late morning and afternoon. Highs will be in the 70s both days.  We’ll stay in the 70s until Friday.  Then we’ll warm up to near 80.  This warmth will be ahead of the next cold front.  That front will move through Friday night into early Saturday.  So we’ll cool down Saturday and Sunday.  If we’re lucky then the rain will be confined to Saturday morning.  I’ve got some camping and the Children’s festival.  So I’ve got my fingers crossed.  Stay tuned for updates to the timing.  Highs on Sunday will be near 70.  Maybe even in the 60s.  We’ll see.

The tropics are still quiet, however, there is one area to note.  There is a weak disturbance near Bermuda that has brought that region some heavy rain.  It isn’t a strong system, but it does have a low potential for forming into a tropical depression or storm over the next few days.

Disturbance In The Tropics

Disturbance In The Tropics

For now it is expected to stay out to sea.  Stay tuned for updates.

Speaking of updates….The drought in California is causing more and more problems.  Here’s one that may affect you locally:  Food prices.  Here’s an article with more info: California Crop Shortages.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

A Sunny Weekend Ahead

September 27th, 2014 at 6:00 am by under Weather

Well, at least for half of the weekend we are looking sunny. An area of high pressure is in control off to our north today. That will keep us with a fresh northeast breeze at around 10-15mph.

Weather Pattern

Weather Pattern

The dry air should keep our skies mostly clear this afternoon. The OBX still has a chance to see more cloud cover since you will be a bit closer to the offshore area of low pressure.

Future Trak @ Noon

Future Trak @ Noon

Overall, we are looking sunny and dry for today. Tomorrow may be a bit different, more cloud cover will be the theme. Temperatures should be in the mid to upper 70s on Sunday. Our weekend is looking dry, into next week Tuesday and Wednesday another coastal storm may bring us rain and wind. Stay tuned for updates.

Tropical Update:

No organized storms exist in the Atlantic Ocean, the tropics remain quiet.

Surf Update:

The northeast windswell will continue for the next week. Sunday could be more fun since our northeast winds are expected to die down a bit.

Saturday Wave Heights

Saturday Wave Heights

That coastal storm next week may boost our waves in the 4-6ft range…stay tuned!

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson


Fall Movies ahead!

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My most dreaded time of year is January-February.  Hardly any films are released and usually I’m not dying to see them if they are.  But FALL!!!!  Fall is when we get the good ones!  Most films nominated for fancy awards are released in the fall.
Plus – we are looking for date nights… and family time… and fall 2014 really has some stuff for us to put on our must see movies list.  Starting with September.

Skeleton Twins – Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader star as an estranged brother and sister back together after he tries to commit suicide. Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell also star in this awesome cast. It’s a dark DRAMEDY — but it did garner a Best Screenplay win at the Sundance Film Festival.  That means it’s at the top of my list.

This is Where I Leave You – More sibling movie fun – and SNL alum love with Tina Fey playing the sister to Jason Bateman, Adam Driver, and Corey Stoll’s characters — all brought back together by their father’s funeral.  Jane Fonda plays their mother.  It’s based on the 2009 novel by Jonathan Tropper.

More films to add to your list —
No Good Deed –stars Taraji P Henson and Idris Elba… This role is a far cry from his last role — as Nelson Mandela in that BIO-PIC.  He plays an escaped convict who terrorizes a wife and mother when he breaks into her home.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: THEM  — Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy star in a film that shows both sides of the end of a marriage.

Jimi: All is by My Side — Jimi Hendrix BIO-PIC … John Ridley wrote and directed …. took some heat for hiring OutKast frontman Andre Benjamin -AKA Andre 3000 — because of his lack of much acting experience.  I’m hip to see this and what they made together.

The Box Trolls – if you’re a fan of STOP-MOTION animation maybe this one is for you. It comes from the makers of Coraline and ParaNorman.  And I like both of those.  Features voices of Ben Kingsley and Elle Fanning.

And then we have October…

Gone Girl - Directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Social Network).  He actually hired Gillian Flynn — who wrote the novel it’s based on– to write the screenplay (her first ever screenplay).  Ben Affleck stars in this murder mystery as the husband of a woman gone missing on their fifth anniversary.   Also stars Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day – Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner star as the parents in this movie version of a the beloved 1972 children’s book by Judith Viorst.  The 11-year-old title character is played by newcomer Ed Oxenbould.  As Alexander says — Sometimes life just gives you a wad of gum in your hair.  Can’t wait to see this one.

More films to add to your list in October—
Annabelle — spin off from my favorite scary from last year… It’s a pre-quel to The Conjuring.
The Judge — Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall star in a legal drama about a father and son conflict.
Fury — WWII tank movie from Director David Ayer stars Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal, and Michael Peña
St. Vincent — Bill Murray plays a old man in Brooklyn who bonds with the kid next door.  Also stars Chris O’Dowd and Melissa McCarthy.

And then we have November…
Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 1 — The long awaited arrival on November 21st.
Interstellar — Director Christopher Nolan; starring Matthew McConaughey.
Rosewater – This is Daily Show host Jon Stewart’s directing debut!  It’s based on the 2011 memoir of an Iranian-born journalist.

More films to add to your list in November — Penguins of Madagascar, Dumb & Dumber To, and Horrible Bosses 2.

And then we have December –

Into the Woods –  The Broadway musical about sarcastic and cynical fairy tale characters changes colors and becomes a family-friendly Disney film this holdiay season.  Director Rob Marshall weaves together the adventures of Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Little Red Riding Hood, among others, for the screen.  The big bad Wolf (Johnny Depp), the Baker’s Wife (Emily Blunt) and Cinderella’s Prince (Chris Pine).  Marshall says he was surprised by some of the actors’ singing chops, but he expects audiences will really be talking about about Meryl Streep’s vocal performance as the Witch.

More films to add to your list for December –

Exodus: Gods and Kings — Christian Bale as Moses, directed by Rdley Scott.
The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies — The last in the trilogy.
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb — Ben Stiller is back at the museum!
Annie — Quvenzhané Wallis, Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz  star in this new take on the 1977 Broadway musical.
Paddington — The stuffed animal and children’s book character comes to life this holiday season.

And a preview of 2015:  Selma –  Oprah Winfrey teams up with relatively unknown female director (Ava DuVernay), and a British actor (David Oyelowo), for the a Martin Luther King Jr. biopic. Selma chronicles the civil rights leader during three months in 1965, from the ”Bloody Sunday” assault on protesters to the historic march through Alabama… The film will have an Academy run in December before rolling out nationwide by MLK weekend in January,


September 26th, 2014 at 8:17 am by under Weather

Like Runners at a starting line, folks are lined up waiting for some sunshine.  They are hungry (for the sun), and they are ready to dry out.  This morning was well before start time.  We had lots of clouds and pockets of drizzle.  It wasn’t windy, but there was a breeze out of the north.  The area of low pressure that caused all the rain is long gone.  However, we are still on the edge of some moisture and clouds.



High pressure will gradually try to build in from the west today.  We’ll gradually try to clear up through the day.  So my race metaphor may be a little misleading.  It won’t clear up all at once.  Still… we will improve by later this afternoon/evening.  The wind will be out of the north at 10-15mph.  It’s tough to clear out on a north wind during the cool season, but I’d say we aren’t fully into cool season yet.  Plus some drier air to the north should filter in today as well.  Therefore I’m optimistic.  Cautiously optimistic.  Highs will be in the mid 70s.  We’ll clear out tonight for sure with just a few clouds.  Lows will be in the 60s.

We are still looking good this weekend. High pressure will sit over the region. This will give us fair skies and highs in the 70s.  Should be great for all the outdoor events.  We’ll see a return of some rain early next week.

Now you may have heard about this story recently.  Radars don’t just detect rain and snow.  Sometimes wildlife can be picked up on radar.  Bugs and birds are often detected.  Here was one recent episode from Missouri: Butterflies on radar.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler


2014 Artistree Festival

September 25th, 2014 at 12:13 pm by under THRS Live Music

Formerly known as Localpalooza, Artistree will takeover downtown Norfolk October 23 -25.  Hosted at several downtown venues including The NorVa, Granby Theater, The Plot, FM Restaurant, The Parlor on Granby, The Naro and many more, Artistree will feature more than a hundred local, national and regional musician and artists.

Many Live Music Friday alums will take part including Bria Kelly, RastaMiles, Corbin Dallas, The Dahus, The Wet Boys, SicMan of VA, The Muckrakes and Traprock Misfit.  Headliners include Biz Markie and Darkest Hour and the much-anticipated reunion of Left Wing Fascists.

Music will not be the only thing you can see and hear – you can check out the several independent films that will be screened and take part in education panels that will cover music industry-related topics.  Panelist include Dave Ravikoff of Warner Brothers Records, Bill Reid of The NorVa and Nick Chappell of 96X.

The Festival will also be working with Music 4 More to raise funds and collect instruments to school and community music programs.  Chesterfield Elementary, Blair Middle School and Granby High School will benefit from this year’s donations.

Click here for more information, full lineup and how to get tickets to Artistree Festival.

The Moisture Won’t Leave

September 25th, 2014 at 8:33 am by under Weather

The rain picked up yesterday.  It was a widespread/soaking rain that lasted for a long time.  The cause was an area of low pressure that was wrapped in a lot of humidity.  It dropped a solid 1-2″ of rain through the region. Some cities even saw about 2.5″ of rain.

24  Hour Rain Totals

24 Hour Rain Totals

My weather watcher Mike in Whaleyville had 2.9″ of rain.  Pam in Gloucester had 1.5″.  We had a little more rain than forecast in the inland locations as the low expanded quite a bit, and was also a little farther west than anticipated.  The rain started to break up by yesterday evening.  However, the clouds and moisture are sticking around.  This moisture is in a fairly isolated area when you look at things region-by-region.

Dew Points

Dew Points

The moisture will hang around today.  Also, even though the low is to our north, there is a stationary front stretching through our area.

Stationary Front

Stationary Front

So we will have a few showers today, but it won’t be like yesterday.  The chance for rain is only 20%.  A little higher over the Outer Banks.  High pressure is trying to build in from the west, but it has put on the brakes and is stalling out.  We’ll have a lot of clouds, but the winds are not as bad.  Yesterday we had some gusts to 35mph.  Today we’ll see a northwest wind at 10mph.  10-15mph on the Eastern Shore.

The spotty showers and sprinkles will continue into tonight and even a little early tomorrow.  However, we’ll clear up nicely late Friday, and the good weather will continue into the weekend.

In national news…I found this neat article about cicadas.  Looks like we may see more of them in the future.  Cicadas and climate.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler